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Busking Bellas are an all-female 4 piece acoustic act who we just can’t seem to keep in one place! The girls are totally unplugged/acoustic and therefore can wander around your private party or corporate event, visiting tables or groups of your guests and performing intimately to them.

Imagine, if you will, a Mexican Mariachi band that might entertain you on holiday – you know the kind that roam around a restaurant performing in big hats – but twist that image somewhat into 4 gorgeous fun-loving ladies, performing well known popular songs from the past 40 years and roaming around singing/playing to your guests. It’s so much fun!

The great thing about Busking Bellas is they don’t need a stage, any sound equipment or access to any power, so the girls can literally turn up and perform! Bearing in mind they will have travelled to get to your event, it would be practical to give them a room to change and get made up in, and some food and soft drinks so they can get themselves prepared for the show. We also ask for two parking spaces.

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Totally unplugged/acoustic

4 gorgeous fun-loving ladies

It’s so much fun

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