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You can hire jesters for your event to provide a timeless comedy act that will appeal to all ages.The jesters on our books put on a fantastic show with bespoke costumes, charisma and a contagious enthusiasm that will get everyone joining in.To find out more about hiring jesters just give us a call!

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Hire / Book a Jester

If you’re looking to have a fun-filled event with enthusiastic performers, hire jesters! These entertainers are the best at getting your guests involved and excited, putting on shows with a range of talents such as juggling, fire and magic all combined in a jam-packed act with a healthy dose of comedy. Whether it’s a medieval themed occasion in need of some traditional entertainment or family festival looking to entertain guests of all ages. As an entertainment booking agency we can recommend the best jesters to hire, whatever the event.

What is a Jester?
A historic entertainer who performed for members of the monarchy, a jester would be dressed in colourful clothes and eclectic hats when they put on a show containing a variety of skills such as storytelling, acrobatics, comedy, juggling and magic tricks.

Did You Know? – There were many risks involved with being a jester for nobility, with many of them being ordered to act as messengers on the battlefield which more often or not ended in the opposing side killing them as an act of defiance if they did not like what they heard.

What is the Difference Between a Joker and a Jester?
The main differences between the two stems from their beginnings; where a jester would be employed by royalty, a joker would be found in a circus. Jesters are also more commonly associated with the medieval period and were required to be multitalented whereas jokers are more contemporary entertainers that have much more of a focus on comedy; performing expressions and making fun of people.

Jesters on our Books
The brilliant jesters to hire on our roster are sure to put a fantastic act that all the family can enjoy, each with their own unique brand of comedy and style, each jester will bring something special to your event. These friendly and outgoing performers come in all shapes and sizes, whether it is a solo act or a duo they are a memorable act that will make your special occasion a hit. Here are a few of the jesters to hire on our books:

  • Jeni & Barney – These jesters have performed for top brands and have a range of skills including acrobatics and hula hooping. They are also adorned in hand-crafted, vibrant outfits that make them an attractive feature at any event.
  • Peterkin the Fool – This jester has great experience, having been the resident fool at Hampton Court Palace since 1992! He will put on an amazing show full of fire, acrobatics, comedy and stilts.
  • Moon: The Jesters – For a true Venetian event these jesters can be hired for a thoroughly entertaining and immersive show blending LED technology with an engaging act including fire juggling and mystical crystal ball manipulation.

Booking Jesters
Whether you want to hire jesters for a corporate or private event we have an astounding array of excellent entertainers to get the party in full swing. As a top entertainment booking agency we have the resources and experience to ensure you hire jesters that will fit in perfectly at your event and provide an enjoyable show to remember. Just get in touch if you are looking to hire jesters and we would be more than happy to help with your enquiry.

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