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Creative Ways to Display Your Company Logo at Events

Hire branded entertainment to increase your brand awareness! We have a great roster of truly creative performers who can incorporate your logo into their act.

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An innovative example of branded entertainment

Hire / Book Branded Entertainment

Make your brand the focus of the event while giving your guests a platform to have some fun and excitement, hire branded entertainment. We have a fantastic array of performers who can include branding in their shows or product that will grab the crowd’s attention while providing some brilliant entertainment at the same time. Whether you’re looking to hire branded entertainment for an immersive promotional event or to help launch your brand with a dynamic function, our branded entertainment to hire will go down a storm.

What is Branded Entertainment?
Branded entertainment is a form of entertainment that is beneficial to a brand marketing. The act or product will incorporate the brand logo or message into their performance or design for a unique way of promoting your company. Branded entertainment may be anything from your logo imprinted on the outside of a photo booth or even projected as lights in an LED show.

Did You Know? – In the logo for Toblerone there is a silhouette of a bear hidden in the negative space of the mountain.

The Importance of Branding at your Event
Branding is a significant factor in promoting your name and increasing awareness of your company or particular product. There are numerous advantages to including branding at your event, particularly through branded entertainment, that makes it an important aspect to consider when you put on a function. Here are a few of the benefits of branding at your event:

  • Gain more recognition for your brand, in turn this will make you seem more trustworthy and reliable. Potential clients are more likely to do business with a company they are familiar with.
  • With repetitive and striking visuals, you can use branding throughout your event to help plant it in your customers minds, making them more likely to remember it and even refer you to other people.
  • Helps to create your brands ideology. Customers will think of your brand, what it looks like and where they have seen it and associate it with those aspects. So, if you use branding at a fun and interesting event they will link those experiences or feelings with your company.

Importance of Displaying the Logo at Events
When it comes to using branding at your event a logo is one of the most effective tools at attracting attention, as well as being a universal sign that all languages can understand and identify as yours it is also the most straightforward and eye-catching form of branding. Logos can fit seamlessly into a wealth of branded entertainment for an immersive experience. Some advantages to using creative ways to display your company logo at events include:

  • Placing your logo around the event can help to remind any customers or clients of the purpose of the occasion, subtly keeping the brand in the mind’s eye and maintaining the focus on your intended product or message.
  • The colours and style of a logo can convey a lot about your brand, as people associate colours with certain feelings or traits. Displaying a bold and vibrant logo can be very influential when it comes to how people perceive your brand, which can be used to your benefit at events and even inspire a colour scheme for the décor.
  • There is further opportunity for more promotion as a result of social media at any event. A logo displayed creatively through branded entertainment or otherwise can reach a larger audience as people take pictures or post videos and subsequently share them on social platforms.

Creative Ways of Displaying Logos at Events
There are numerous different ways to display your logo at your event, one of which is with branded entertainment. If you are looking to blend your logo seamlessly into the proceedings while achieving maximum effectiveness and impact, then you can hire branded entertainment for an engaging and unique presentation of branding. There are many different acts who can fuse branding with their performance or experience, making for a compelling mixture of entertainment and promotion that is sure to make a brilliant impression on your guests. Here are a few examples of types of branded entertainment to hire:

• 3D Art – There are various street and graffiti artists who can create some amazing unexpected and eye-catching pieces that seem to leap out of the floor or walls. This is a popular and striking way of displaying logos that will fascinate your guests.
• Glow or LED shows – These vivid and dynamic performances will be a hit with all your guests, putting on a magical bespoke show that incorporates your brand logo in a exciting and dynamic way.
• Photobooths or Selfie Mirrors – We have a fantastic selection of photobooths and selfie mirrors that can be customized to have your own personal branding, whether it is on the structure itself or integrated into the programming so it appears on the system and in your pictures, the popularity of photobooths ensure your logo will be noticed.

Hire Branded Entertainment
If you hire branded entertainment it can make a great impression on your guests, it is an interesting and innovative way to promote your brand in an entertaining manner. If you’re looking to hire branded entertainment we can offer some leading performers who are some of the best in their field, putting on attention-grabbing routines full of skill and perfect synchronicity that will prove to be a hit. As a leading entertainment booking agency we are happy to give you any recommendations or advice you may need to choose branded entertainment that will impress. All you need to do is give us a call and our experienced account managers will be delighted to help you put on an unforgettable event.

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