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Helium Balloon Shows – Balloon Aerial Acts | International

These two stunning aerial shows are made possible by the beautiful helium filled balloons and acrobats. If you want a unique act that will make a huge impact at your corporate event we recommend these two acts. They are also good for festivals and exhibitions. The balloons are a stunning visual display of colours and the performers are fantastic aerial artists. Helium Fantasy is an act consisting of lots of balloons filled with helium and the Helioom is an act which has just one large sphere filled with helium.

For both shows you choose what kind of aerial performances hang from the balloons as any circus apparatus can be attached to the balloons such as aerial hoop, aerial silks, spheres, etc. Balloons can be in almost any colour and they can be branded with your company’s name or logo.

Helium Fantasy

Helium Fantasy is an amazing aerial performance that fills corporate events and private functions with magic and colour! It can be performed outdoor or on a big indoor stage. A gigantic bunch of balloons floats in the air whilst an acrobat performs underneath. This show is performed without rigs or cranes, and can be static or mobile. Anything is possible with Helium Fantasy!


Helioom is a great centre piece for any outdoor or big indoor stage. The show includes a 6 metre sphere with an acrobat suspended underneath it without rigs or cranes. It can be a static or movement show. Helioom can be illuminated from the inside.

Technical Specification:

– It is very important to have good weather conditions for outdoor shows.
– The performance can’t be done if there is a wind blowing at 25 km/h or more.
– They will need at wide space and 3 hours to inflate the balloons / sphere. 
– The crew consists of 2 technicians, 1 co-ordinator and 1 acrobat.
– To lift a 55 kg acrobat, they need 12 bottles of 9,1m3 pure helium.
– If the balloons / sphere are going to be performing at mobile show, the route must be free of any obstacles in a 12 metre ratio.

Standard Length of Performance:

The length of performance for both shows is flexible with the maximum length being 25 minutes.


“…everything was amazing and thank you for your help! Thank you for everything and all the girls and guys were perfect!”
– Aegean Bunkering Services Inc (via Contraband)

Photos of Helium Aerial Shows