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3D Projection Mapping

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Why hire 3D projection mapping? 3D projection mapping is a projection technology used to turn objects into a display surface for video projection. These objects can be buildings, small indoor objects, theatrical stages… By using specialized software, a two- or three-dimensional object is mapped on to the software, and the software can connect to a projector to fit any image onto the surface of that object. 3D projection mapping is used for example by bands, advertisers & fashion designers to add optical illusions to objects.

Our 3D projection mapping is amazing and will gather large crowds at all type of events. 3D projection mapping can create art on walls and buildings anywhere and can create portraits, scenes and 3D effects which are simply astounding. 3D projection mapping can also utilise your company logo and create amazing pieces of 3D animation for all corporate events.

Contraband’s in house 3D projection mapping team provides audio visual shows and video mapping services for all kinds of events. We have a huge repertoire of themed visuals that allow entire environments or stages to be transformed alongside the evening’s schedule. If you would like to hire a 3D Mapping Team for corporate entertainment, our in-house 3D mapping team is the best in the business! Our 3D projection mapping is unique and affordable. Contact us today about hiring our bespoke 3D Projection Mapping services.