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Hologram Shows & Projection Mapping Shows

Kolibri is an award-winning creative studio that offers live on-stage show production, holographic shows,projection mapping, and customised audio/video solutions. One of Kolibri’s most famous acts are the breathtaking hologram shows spiced up with contemporary dancers. They offer custom made and ready-made entertainment options tailored to the clients’ needs. Another prominent act from Kolibri’s portfolio is projection mapping which can be used for all kinds of objects from cars to buildings. The team won several awards from this segment. There is the opportunity to bring an idea and create unique entertainment (dance shows, hologram shows, projection mapping, etc) together with their creative team.

Kolibri’s main services are:
– Hologram projection
Holographic projection provides a wide range of applications to fit various event circumstances. Kolibri can bring your product alive. They can interact with your services or even people as holographic content.

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– Live show production with projection
Kolibri will create an unforgettable experience live on stage for your guests. Dedicated to exploring the possibilities and dialogues between the physical and digital world. Let yourself be surrendered to the experience with Kolibri’s talented performers. Their collaboration with professional artists grants to deliver a top-notch live visual experience on stage. Kolibri include dancers, aerial silk performers, stunts, parkours and other awesome artists. The client can choose from 5 ready-made acts which can be fully customized by request. (length, content, number of actors, etc)

– Projection mapping
Kolibri can provide breathtaking and entertaining animations for events of all shapes and sizes. If you have a car, a building, a stage or even just a wall which you are seeking to bring alive, they have the best approach to do so. Kolibri’s special solution enables interaction between the projection mapping content and the performers or even the guests of your event. From sports car entertainment to skyscrapers, they have Kolibri’s technical capabilities and experience to create a unique and engaging attraction.

Live graphic content for events, festivals and concerts, interactive games and apps for events. Kolibri are continuously developing their technological and creative portfolio to bring cutting edge entertainment to their clients.

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Hologram Shows & Projection Mapping Shows – Kolibri’s previous clients:

Youtube Awards
17th FINA World Championships
Balaton Sound Festival
Festival of Lights Berlin-
LEN Champions League
Wrestling World Championship
Carei Summer Festival
Auto Motor Tuning Show

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