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Hire / Book Yo-Yo Performers

You can hire Yo-Yo performers that will leave you speechless with their brilliant tricks. These yo-yo performers are perfect to hire for a variety of private or corporate entertainment, bringing something particularly unique to the occasion. To find out more about hiring a yo-yo performer just get in touch!

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Born in Tokyo, Japan, BLACK is a professional Yo-Yo performer

Hire / Book a Yo-Yo Performer

For some truly unique entertainment that will leave your guests speechless, hire a yo-yo performer. A fantastically original and dynamic act, a yo-yo performer can put on an engaging show that people of all ages can enjoy. Whether it’s an atmospheric performance designed to captivate your guests, or a more light-hearted, but equally compelling act, that brings an energetic and fun vibe to the occasion. The yo-yo performers available to hire can each deliver a special act full of style and charisma that is sure to make your event a hit.

What is a Yo-Yo Performer?
After the introduction of the yo-yo to the toy industry in 1929 it became a craze in popular culture, as people began to experiment with it they developed a technique and skill that resulted in a number of contests and competitions. A yo-yo performer entertains the crowds with yo-yo tricks and stunts, occasionally incorporating another aspect such as juggling.

Did You Know? – Although they were revitalised in the 1920’s yo-yos actually date back thousands of years, with ancient art depicting a boy playing with a yo-yo on a Greek vase from 500 BC!

Yo-Yo Performers to Hire on our Roster
We have excellent yo-yo performers to hire with an eclectic variety of different styles, each making a brilliant impression with their amazing acts. These accomplished entertainers are the best at what they do, making sure their audience are having a good time while they show off an exciting set of skills using just a yo-yo. Here are some of the exceptional yo-yo performers to hire on our books…

  • BLACK – This yo-yo performer has astonished crowds with his incredible skills, after performing with the likes of Cirque Du Soleil and becoming a two-time world yo-yo champion, BLACK is one of the most in demand entertainers in the industry.
  • Arron – A Guinness World Record Holder, yo-yo performer Arron has had a wealth of experience, starring in television commercials and participating in numerous yo-yo contests, he has certainly made his mark on the world of entertainment. Arron will ensure your event will be one of a kind.
  • Sam – This yo-yo performer puts on a show full of fun, energy and colour. Sam can perform a multitude of talents, including some fantastic yo-yo trickery that has all the children watching in awe. He even includes a workshop, so everyone can join in and try their hand at the act.

Booking a Yo-Yo Performer
If you’re looking to hire a yo-yo performer we can recommend some outstanding entertainers who will make your event unforgettable. As a top entertainment booking agency we have qualified and knowledgeable account managers who know which yo-yo performer will be best suited to all kinds of requirements. Hiring a yo-yo performer to entertain at your event is a decision well made, their sensational skills and talents will be appreciated by all your guests and mark the occasion as a success. Just give us a call if you have any questions and we can get started on helping you hire a yo-yo performer for a remarkable event.

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