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Anton – Juggler/Yo Yo Performer | UK

Anton has been juggling and performing worldwide for over 20yrs. Anton makes the smallest act of dropping a ball whilst walking along, turn into an ever growing comedy of error! Armed with a bag full of props and gags you never know whats going to happen next. Always keen to get help from his audiences to help achieve his under thought out plans and happy to reward them for their efforts be it the classic balloon animal or designer balloon sunglasses.

Skills Include:

Juggling (balls / clubs / hats / knives/ fire and glow)
Ball spinning
Yo-yo (1991 English Champion)
Balloon modelling

Acts Available Include:

Tennis Match

Straight from the eighties, somehow missing out the 90’s and 2000’s, John Racket throw plays his ultimate match against gravity itself! This madcap comical performer has many tricks in his bag such as racket juggling, giant tennis racket balancing and giant tennis ball spinning. This is one match not to miss!

Who will win?

The result is different at every event and be prepared to hear every excuse under the sun for any faults!

Please note that this performance includes several 1 min breaks for a bite of banana and glass of Robinsons cordial!


Fun, colourful and funny. This act is a juggling act comprised of three performers, juggling together. Each juggler has his own distinct colour and style!

This can be performed as a stage show – 3 x 1-12 mins in length or as a walkabout – 3 x 30-40 mins

Tennis Juggling Act

This madcap comical performance includes many tricks from racket juggling and tennis can manipulation to giant tennis racket balancing and giant tennis ball spinning, this is one match not to miss!

Set times: 3 x 30 mins.


Dressed to impress, former English YoYo champion Anton will take you on a journey from Rocking The Baby and Splitting The Atom to Two Handed Looping and Texas Cowboy. This YoYo champion can do all the classic tricks, as well as a few of his own creations.

Anton is a highly skilled and versatile performer with over a decade of experience at a wide range of events from street and festivals, to parties and corporate functions. He has been part of Team Yomega and also the world class Team High Performance and his skills have been seen worldwide.

An engaging and comical performer, guaranteed to stand out in a crowd!

Antons Skills Include:

Ball Spinning
Hat manipulation
Balloon Modelling
Comedy Magic
Yo Yo – Walkabout 3 x 30 mins.
Fire and Glow


“Anton was amazing!”
– London Borough of Bromley

“Regarding the circus parade, the client really liked them please thank all the entertainers especially Anton the juggler.”
– Blink Marketing Solutions

“A champion entertainer with skills to match!”
– Jennifer Baybrooke, 1999 World Yoyo Champion

“Great energy and a creative individual”
– Dale Oliver, World YoYo Master

“Feedback from the launch day has been great. The customer comments coming back were very positive and it was a success.”
– Whitewall Marketing Ltd (via Contraband)

“Hula Hoop, Juggler & Heritage Actors – Amazing and firm favs here in the office. Very accommodating and a real pleasure to work with.”
– London Borough of Bromley (via Contraband)

“Positive feedback all round, so again pass on my thanks to the guys.”
– Kream Comms Limited (via Contraband)

“….The event went really well and Angie, Anton and the Hedgemen were great! They got a lot of attention from the public and crowd and the costumes and acts were fantastic…..Thanks so much, they were a real asset to the event.”
– London Borough of Bromley (via Contraband)

Previous Clients Include:

Sir Paul McCartney
Downing Street
Waterford Festival
British Councils
X Leisure
Millenium Dome

Photos of Anton