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Hire / Book Aerial Acts & Aerial Performers

Hire aerial acts to amaze from the air as they perform incredible tricks and stunts with inspiring grace and precision. A beautiful addition to gala dinners and award shows these aerial performers provide awe-inspiring entertainment for your guests. Get in touch to learn more about aerial acts…

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Hire / Book Aerial Acts

The dynamic variety of aerial acts to hire will make you look up in awe as they soar through the air and perform spellbinding feats to impress your guests. A perfect act to add a touch of elegance and ambience to any occasion, if you hire an aerial performer they will deliver a truly magical show. Whether it’s spinning around in an aerial hoop or twisting through aerial silks, these acts are sure to put on an unforgettable routine.

Aerial Acts on Our Books
You can hire aerial acts from all over the globe that will put on a unique show, adorned with exquisite costumes and with a passion for performing these aerial acts are some of the best in the business. If you hire an aerial performer to reflect the glamour of a prestigious award ceremony or as an atmospheric piece of entertainment that ties in with your theme, your guests will watch in astonished wonder. The aerial acts to hire on our roster consist of a diverse collection of experience performers, including:

  • Mermaidens – This aerial act performs their routine from a free standing aerial hoop, portraying a mermaid she twists through the ropes, charming onlookers with her aerial prowess and enchanting appearance.
  • Gold Dust – This aerial performer uses aerial silks for her act, combining engaging characterisation, amazing aerial skills and upbeat music to put on an astonishing show.
  • Dream Champagne Aerialist – The perfect depiction of glamour, this aerial act will serve your guests champagne from the skies for a truly elegant affair.

Origins of Aerial Acts
Due to the variety of different specialisms in the aerial arts, such as aerial hoop or silks, the history of the act is hard to determine. However, many aerial acts could have been introduced from the circus culture that was a huge part of the Qing Dynasty era in China, due to it’s immense popularity there was a demand for innovative and unique acts, so they introduced the aerial straps in an attempt to wow the crowds. The numerous variations we know now have stemmed from circus performers coming up with original ways to entertain.

Booking Aerial Performers & Aerial Acts
If you want to hire aerial acts for an extraordinary event we have some excellent performers that will make this happen. These aerial performers are experienced professionals who range from exciting, high intensity acts to more emotive almost hypnotic routines and our knowledgeable account managers can recommend the ones most suited to your event. We are a top entertainment booking agency with experience in the field that means we will make sure your booking process will go smoothly. Give us a call and we would be happy to assist with your aerial act booking.

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