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Aerial Silk & Hoop Duo

Lilli and Sara met at The Circus Space degree course where they both successfully graduated after three years of specialising in aerial hoop. The combination of their work results in perfect harmony and brings out an expressive and personal style in the air. As performers they are inventive, graceful and enjoyable. Lilli and Sara’s skills include hoop, silks, trapeze and dance-acrobatics. They are happy to create side specific performances for all kinds of themed events.

Lilli and Sara are available for bookings for all types of events. They have been involved in a whole host of theatre and circus productions including the English National Opera, Harvey Nichols Restaurant, Bajazzo Street Festivals, The Sugar Beast Circus, MCS Cruise Line, Vlaamse Opera, Variety Pegasus, Universal Studios Japan and a range of corporate events and cabaret shows. Acts Available Include:

Aerial silks
Lilli’s silks act is beautifully choreographed combining graceful poses and breath taking drops. She spellbinds her audience while effortlessly moving high up in the air. Length: 5 min, Technical Requirements: Structural rigging point, 500 kg. Minimum height: 5 metre.

Synchronised Aerial Silks Act
Lilli and Sara perform a synchronised aerial silks act that shows flexibility and grace in beautiful positions in the air. Length: 5.30 min. Technical Requirements: 2 structural rigging points minimum 500 kg. Minimum height: 5 metre

Swirl – Doubles Hoop Act
Swirl is a delight to watch, full of grace, symmetry and playful moments. Lilli and Sara move effortlessly on their hoop, swinging and spinning through the air in synchronised and twisted shapes. The act is perfectly suitable for all kind of events and can be performed with different music and costumes to suit.
Length: 5 min. Technical Requirements: Structural rigging point of minimum 1000 kg, minimum height 4.5 m

The Other Side of Me – Doubles Hoop Act
Lilli and Sara create a magical atmosphere on stage. Through their emotionally strong images and their unique movement style Lilli and Sara present a mixture of theatrical harmony and stunning beauty. They lead their audience into a world filled with visual poetry and high level twists and turns.
Length: 5.30 min. Technical Requirements: Winch or pully system, structural rigging points of minimum 1000 kg, minimum height 4.5 metre

Walk – Duo Hangabout Act
Lilli and Sara can perform acrobatic walk- or hangabout. They have a wide range of costumes suitable for different themed events.

Solo Acts
Lilli and Sara also perform solo acts which they offer in combination with the duo hoop act or as they are.
Dance acrobatics: Sara cleverly merges flexibility, balance and movement entwining great style and imagination. Length: 4 min, Technical Requirements: Clean even floor space of min. 4 x 4 metres, height 2.5 metre.

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The combination of their work results in perfect harmony

Inventive, graceful and enjoyable, they’re available for all types of events

Are able to create side specific performances for all kinds of themed events

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Here’s what Lilli & Sara – Aerial Silk & Hoop Duo’s clients said:

I have employed Sara and Lilli on several occasions and have always been reassured by the quality of their performances and the professionalism they display at every level. They are considerate of other performers and conscientious in regards to the Health & Safety aspects of their discipline. I highly recommend them for any performance context as they are also flexible and able to adapt to different conditions.
Private Client


Lilli & Sara – Aerial Silk & Hoop Duo’s Previous Clients:

English National Opera
Harvey Nichols Restaurant
The HAC Spring Ball
Best Companies Award Dinner
Variete Theater Pegasus, Germany
MSC Armonia Cruise Line
Street Festival Künstler & Meer, Germany
AKA London
Salisbury International Arts Festival
Sugar Beast Circus
So & So Circus Theatre
The Circus Space
The Generating Company

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