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Hire Competitive Games

You can hire competitive games of all kinds for a truly dynamic and engaging event. We have everything from gladiator games to bucking broncos for people of all ages to enjoy. For more information about hiring competitive games just give us a call…

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Live Hangman is a life-sized version of the classic pen & paper game

Hire Competitive Games

If you’re looking to hire competitive games we have a comprehensive roster of addictively fun attractions that will keep the guests occupied for hours. Whether its pitting friend against friend with a penalty shootout or plunging your guests into a wintry wonderland to race down the slopes with the ski simulator, these brilliant competitive games get everyone involved and work great as an ice breaker for social events. You can hire competitive games for a wide range of events where they are sure to be a hit, from family fun days to promotional campaigns they will have people of all ages queuing up to have a go. As a top entertainment booking agency, we love to help people put on their dream event, so if you would like to hire competitive games we can offer suggestions on the perfect one for the occasion.

Types of Competitive Games
For an event looking to inspire some healthy competition we can offer you an excellent range of competitive games to hire. If you hire competitive games they can come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to consider your options and think about what will best suit your event, both aesthetically and for your chosen guests. To help you decide here are a few examples of the possible types of competitive games to hire:

  • Sport – For a true test of athleticism and skill these competitive games allow you to play against your friends or beat the score in a variety of sports including football, basketball and volleyball among others.
  • Virtual – Your guests can immerse themselves into a new dimension or race round a track without even leaving the venue, these competitive video games and simulators serve as endless fun.
  • Carnival – With all the classics you might see at a carnival you can test your strength in splat the rat or compete against one another to try and get your donkey across the finish line first in the Donkey Derby.

Hire Competitive Games on our Books
If you want to hire competitive games, then we are absolutely bursting with a fabulous mix of engaging amusements to entertain people of all ages and abilities. Whether its getting people talking and socialising at a corporate event or seeing who comes out triumphant at a private event with family and friends, these competitive games will be the perfect catalyst for an event to remember. Promising epic battles and nail-biting races that will have the crowds flocking to get a piece of the action, if you hire competitive games it will be an event for the books. Here are just a few of the competitive games you can book with us:

  • Hire competitive game Ski Blizzard – Step into the dome with four of your friends and be transported to the slopes where you can race each other down to see who claims the title. A fun and interactive experience that will gets hearts racing.
  • Hire competitive game Virtual Racers – Get your adrenaline pumping with this virtual racing game. You will feel like you were in the midst of a full blown F1 race as you whiz round corners with responsive technology and incredible surround sound.
  • Hire competitive game Live Hangman – A twist on the classic with a life-sized game show version that allows you to play the game live with hilarious commentary that helps to drum up the competition even more.

Hire Competitive Games
For a winning event full of excitement and hilarity or even just an excuse to see who comes out top against your friends or family, hire competitive games to get the fun started. We are a top entertainment booking agency with a comprehensive roster of competitive games to hire for an event to remember. Our dedicated and knowledgeable account managers can help you with any enquiries you may have so if you’re looking to hire competitive games just give us a call and we can give you recommendations and advice to help you make your event the best it can be.

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