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Competitive Game

The truly original touring version of the legendary TV programme.
With a reputation for highly imaginative games, the company has been called upon to devise games for TV and product launches, as well as company fun days and team building events. Unique giant colourful inflatables, backdrops, obstacles and props are manufactured and tested to the highest standards.

Public liability cover is £5,000,000 and all documentation is available on booking, along with team information flyers to help recruit teams. Professional presenters, with an up-to-date quality sound system, and the support of dedicated trained arena crew ensures competitors safety. The show is self-sufficient for power with silent running generators and their articulated vehicles provide Green Room facilities, as well as a stage.

Colourful bunting is used to cordon off the arena. Trophies for the top three team members are also provided. From nine teams to fifty-four, everything is provided for a successful show.

International It’s A Knockout : Games Included | Technical Requirements | Book for your event

Highly imaginative games

Unique giant colourful inflatables

Tested to the highest standards

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International It’s A Knockout’s Games Included said:

Drought! What Drought?

Our teams collect water from the leaky tap that never stops running.

Jail Break

Visitors to the IAKO Jail have to smuggle in various items, the last being a key for the cons to make their escape

Jurassic Jewellers

Teams ‘Knockout’ the Dinosaurs to remove their teeth & make designer necklace’s for sale in our Jurassic Jewellers shop

Jack in the Box
The teams have to collect the oil to lubricate the hinges to help Jack Spring Out!

Dizzy Dinosours

Whilst on holiday our Dinosaur friends have giant postcards to assemble ready for posting.
Con’s! On a Hot Tin Roof!

Now the prisoners have made their escape they have roof tops to cross in order to make their getaway
Last Orders at the Bar!

Will the teams make it in time for Last Orders? Or will they be back serving time!

The Bubbly Cauldron

Teams set too, making Jurassic Fisherman’s Friends before wrapping them in Giant wrappers

Bloomin’ Summer

How to keep your Sunflowers growing, with soil, manure & water.

Soap on a Rope

Giant Soaps on ropes get the teams in a lather!

Please note that these games may not be run in the order shown. They may also be altered slightly. The intention is to give the best entertainment value and any alterations made are with the improvement of the show in mind.


International It’s A Knockout’s Technical Requirements:

Dimensions: 12 gallons; 60 x 50yards space required
Parking for the lorry close to the arena. The lorry is 15m long.
It takes 4 hours to set up and 2 hours to take down.

Book International It’s A Knockout – Competitive Game

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