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LED, street, tap, pole, snake… dancers… we have exceptionally diverse roster of highly talented and professional dancers for hire.

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Hire / Book Dancers

Ballet Dancers

We offer a wide selection of brilliant and accomplished ballet dancers to hire that cover a multitude of ballet styles including traditional, rocking…

Hire / Book Dancers

Bollywood & Bhangra Dancers

Our Bollywood dancers for hire include Guinness World Record Holders and Britain’s Got Talent contestants!

Hire / Book Dancers


We’ve got Razzmatazz! Pep, Punch, and Pizzazz! Check out our fun roster of Cheerleaders to hire and get the crowd pumping!

Hire / Book Dancers

Free Running & Parkour

Hire a Santa’s grotto and step into a winter wonderland! There’s nothing more magical to a child than seeing Santa’s Grotto, meeting Santa Claus, and, even better still, getting a present from him too!

Hire / Book Dancers

Pole Dancers

Pole Dancing is an elegant, exotic yet graceful art form. If you have a venue and would like pole dancers (no nudity) then we can supply you with talented, stylish pole dancers with super advanced abilities.

Hire / Book Dancers

Snake Dancers

Our Snake dancers have some beautiful and entrancing acts to mesmerise your guests.

Hire / Book Dancers

Ballroom Dancers

Our dashing ballroom dancers can put on a spectacular performance, making sure all eyes are on them as they twirl around the dance floor and show off their expert skills with elegance.

Hire / Book Dancers

Burlesque Dancers

Our burlesque dancers & burlesque shows are the best available for hire including The Follies Burlesque Show, Burlesque Performer Honey LuLu and even a Boylesque Dancer – De Lune!

Hire / Book Dancers

Dancers From Around The World

Our dancers from around the world including African, Asian, Brazilian, Polynesian… dancers are some of the best around and always provide an amazing show that will leave everyone with a smile.

Hire / Book Dancers

LED Dancers

Hiring a puppet show for your event will keep the kids engaged and in fits of giggles at the character’s silly antics, this traditional show makes for timeless entertainment that will be a welcome addition to all kinds of events.

Hire / Book Dancers

Ribbon & Flag Dancers

Our Ribbon & Flag Dancers will perform memorable and high impact dances combining contemporary dance and rhythmic gymnastics.

Hire / Book Dancers

Street Dancers & Break Dancers

The slickest windmills, headspins, jackhammers – all our street dancer and break dancers are truly awesome and will bring a huge amount of street cred to any event, large or small.

Hire / Book Dancers

Themed Dancers

Our roster of themed dancers includes The Great Gatsby Girls, Les Follies Show Girls, 1920’s Male Tap Dancers, Ballroom Dancers, Can Can Dancers, Burlesque Performer…

Hire / Book Dancers

Belly Dancers

Whether you’re planning a themed event such as Arabian Nights or are looking to have some diverse and engrossing entertainment for an awards show, hiring a belly dancer can bring your event to life.

Hire / Book Dancers

Can Can Dancers

Capture the decadence of Toulouse-Lautrec’s world of Belle Époque with our Can Can dancers. They will dazzle with their high kicks, jump splits, cartwheels…

Flash Mobs

We offer a variety of flash mob dancers for hire including Bespoke Flash Mobs where the dance can be performed in any style with dancers dressed as shoppers, travelers…

Hire / Book Dancers

Martial Arts Performers

Amaze your audience with our highly skilled Martial Arts Performers including The Shaolin Kung Fu Warriors, Brazilian Capoeria Dancers, Chinese Wushu Martial Arts performers…

Hire / Book Dancers

Roller Skating Acts

Want to find performers who combine the graceful dance moves and gymnastics of ice skating without an ice rink? Check out our roster of talented Roller Skating Acts for hire!

Hire / Book Dancers

Tap Dancers

Bring tap, tap tapping glitz & glamour to your with our dapper Tap Dancers for hire!

Hire / Book Dancers

We have so many fantastic dancers to hire for any type of event!

Our ballet dancers are professional and choreographed to a high standard.

We can provide ballroom dancers to any kind of ballroom event. Contraband has so much ballroom dancing entertainment for you to choose from.

With our traditional belly dancing acts you will feel like you have just stepped into the Middle East with one of our excellent belly dancing events. Our belly dancers have some beautiful and entrancing acts to entrance your guests.

We also have burlesque entertainment that is ideal for corporate burlesque events. We have a huge variety of burlesque dancers that can also perform acrobatics.

For Can Can dancers call us now! We a big selection of Can Can dancing acts. We can bring Can Can dancing into any Can Can dancing corporate event.

Our cheerleaders include cheerleaders singers, cheerleaders dancers and lots of cheerleading squads.

Our dancers from around the world are some of the best around and always provide an amazing show that will leave everyone with a smile and make the event unforgettable.

Our flash mob dancing acts and flash mob dance performances are amazing to watch and are really well put together. Our martial artists offer different martial art shows.

Our pole dancers are great fun too. You can also hire ribbon & flag dancers.

If you are booking roller skate entertainment with an roller skating twist we have the best roller skate performers for you!

With our traditional snake dancing acts you will feel like you have just stepped into the Middle East with one of our excellent snake dancers to hire.
The street dancers that we provide is the best in the country. Our break dancers are so cool.
Ever wanted to see the best tap dance in the industry? Now you are able to see it with your own eyes by booking tap dancers from Contraband events.

We have lots of show stopping themed dancers on our books.

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