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You can hire dancers of all styles, disciplines and backgrounds. Our diverse roster of talented dancers will thrill and impress your guests, with everything from LED to ballet; if you hire dancers with us your event will be a true spectacle. Get in touch to find out more about hiring dancers…

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Hire / Book Dancers

Ballet Dancers

We offer a wide selection of brilliant and accomplished ballet dancers to hire that cover a multitude of ballet styles, including traditional, rocking, LED and more…

Hire / Book Dancers

Bollywood & Bhangra Dancers

Our Bollywood dancers for hire include Guinness World Record Holders and Britain’s Got Talent contestants! They will dazzle and impress your guest with their vibrant performances.

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We’ve got Razzmatazz! Pep, Punch, and Pizzazz! Check out our fun roster of Cheerleaders to hire that will get the crowds pumped up!

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Free Running & Parkour

Hire a Santa’s grotto and step into a winter wonderland! There’s nothing more magical to a child than seeing Santa’s Grotto, meeting Santa Claus, and, even better still, getting a present from him too!

Hire / Book Dancers

Pole Dancers

Pole Dancing is an elegant and exotic yet graceful art form. If you have a venue and would like pole dancers (no nudity) then we can supply you with talented, stylish pole dancers with super advanced abilities.

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Snake Dancers

Our snake dancers have some beautiful and entrancing acts to fascinate and impress your guests, combining sensual dance with the natural movement of their snakes.

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Ballroom Dancers

Our dashing ballroom dancers can put on a spectacular performance, making sure all eyes are on them as they twirl around the dance floor and show off their expert skills with elegance.

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Burlesque Dancers

Our bewitching burlesque dancers & burlesque shows are the best available for hire including The Follies Burlesque Show, Burlesque Performer Honey LuLu and even a Boylesque Dancer – De Lune!

Hire / Book Dancers

Dancers From Around The World

Our dancers from around the world include African, Asian, Brazilian and Polynesian dancers. They are some of the best around and always provide an amazing show that will leave everyone with a smile.

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LED Dancers

Hiring Led Dancers makes for some mesmerising entertainment, full of beautiful visuals and graceful movements they will enchant the guests at every event.

Hire / Book Dancers

Ribbon & Flag Dancers

Our Ribbon & Flag Dancers will perform memorable and high impact dances combining contemporary dance and rhythmic gymnastics.

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Street Dancers & Break Dancers

The slickest windmills, headspins, jackhammers – all our street dancer and break dancers are truly awesome and will bring a huge amount of street cred to any event, large or small.

Hire / Book Dancers

Themed Dancers

Our roster of themed dancers includes The Great Gatsby Girls, Les Follies Show Girls, 1920’s Male Tap Dancers, Ballroom Dancers, Can Can Dancers, Burlesque Performer…

Hire / Book Dancers

Belly Dancers

Whether you’re planning a themed event such as Arabian Nights or are looking to have some diverse and engrossing entertainment for an awards show, hiring a belly dancer can bring your event to life.

Hire / Book Dancers

Can Can Dancers

Capture the decadence of Toulouse-Lautrec’s world of Belle Époque with our captivating Can Can dancers. They will dazzle with their high kicks, jump splits and cartwheels…

Flash Mobs

We offer a variety of flash mob dancers for hire including Bespoke Flash Mobs where the dance can be performed in any style with dancers dressed as shoppers, travelers…

Hire / Book Dancers

Martial Arts Performers

Amaze your audience with our highly skilled Martial Arts Performers including The Shaolin Kung Fu Warriors, Brazilian Capoeira Dancers, Chinese Wushu Martial Arts performers…

Hire / Book Dancers

Roller Skating Acts

Want to find performers who combine the graceful dance moves and gymnastics of ice skating without an ice rink? Check out our roster of talented Roller Skating Acts for hire!

Hire / Book Dancers

Tap Dancers

Bring tap, tap tapping glitz & glamour to your event with our dapper and enthusiastic tap dancers for hire!

Hire / Book Dancers

If you hire dancers your event is sure to be a truly magical experience for all your guests. With a diverse range of incredible dancers to hire, we can promise you that it will be an unforgettable occasion. Whether you’re looking to hire street dancers for upbeat and energetic entertainment at a promotional event or want to hire ballet dancers for an enchanting performance at your wedding, we have experienced dancers that will make the day special. Hire dancers from our roster for atmospheric entertainment that will command the attention of any crowd with their expertly choreographed routines.

Top 3 Things to Consider When Choosing Which Style of Dancers to Hire…
There are a few important factors to consider when you hire dancers, and one of the main decisions you will need to make is what style of dancer you would like. With the overwhelming array of dancers to hire we understand it can be hard to choose which dancers are right for your event so we have thought of a few key points to help you pick:

• Theme – Does your event have a theme? You could be celebrating a past era or indulging in some vintage glamour, in this case traditional dancers such as ballet, vintage or ballroom may be best suited. However, if you’re after a more modern style of event; street, LED or pole dancers can best reflect that contemporary feel you are looking for. Make sure you hire dancers that fit in seamlessly with the vibe and type of event.
• Audience – Dancers will generally appeal to all ages but there are certain distinctions that could be made for different crowds. So, usually a formal corporate event would most likely require a more classic style of dancers whereas a more relaxed event with young children would benefit energetic and vibrant dancers in order to grab their attention.
• Purpose – Why do you want to hire dancers? Is it to get everyone in the mood to dance themselves, to be thought-provoking or maybe to promote your product? Each style of dance will have a different effect on their audience. So, LED dancers or cheerleaders may use energy and colourful performances to draw in the crowds for a promotional campaign. Or Bollywood and Flash Mobs may get people itching to dance with their exuberance and immersive shows.

Hire Classy Dancers
For a touch of class and sophistication at your event, hire dancers which exude elegance and poise. We have brilliant ballroom dancers to hire who will bring out everyone romantic side. Or you can hire ballet dancers whose captivating displays of pirouettes and leaps will keep everyone transfixed. There are also ribbon & flag dancers to hire who deliver a breath-taking visual spectacle.

Hire Dancers from Around the World
Witness dancers from around the world putting on inspiring performances full of colour and heart. Our diverse array of dancers from around the world to hire include Brazilian samba dancers, Chinese hand dancers, Bollywood dancers, Irish dancers as well as many more! They will enchant you with their engrossing performances that will immerse you in another culture.

Hire Unusual & Unique Dancers
Why don’t you think outside the box and make your event truly special; hire unusual dancers to make a memorable impression on your guests. Take a walk on the wild side with our sensational snake dancers or add a dose of futuristic magic and hire LED dancers.

Hire Sexy Dancers
We have many sensual dancers to hire who can delight and entrance their audience with their spellbinding choreography. For bewitching performances using body movement and expert choreography you can hire dancers such as belly dancers, pole dancers or burlesque dancers. All these dancers know how to engage the crowds and keep all eyes on them.

Hire Exciting Dancers
Amaze and surprise the crowds and hire exciting dancers such as cheerleaders or flash mobs to thrill at your event. Bringing an abundance of unbridled energy and positivity to the proceedings, if you hire exciting dancers they will get everyone pumped up and inspire happiness in all your guests. They are perfect for promotional campaigns or to get everyone in the party spirit, their energy is contagious.

Hire Interactive Dancers
For an event that is immersive and atmospheric, hire interactive dancers to charm your guests. With their own unique brand of magnetism, performers such as themed dancers or burlesque dancers will integrate themselves within your event perfectly, engaging with guests with their dynamic routines. Bollywood dancers also provide exceptional interactive performances as they encourage guests to join in and get them having fun.

Hire Dancers with Street-Cred
For remarkable, lively and attention-grabbing entertainment, hire dancers with street-cred whose contemporary style will wow the crowds. We have sensational street dancers to hire with unique and exciting choreography, putting together exceptional routines that your guest will love. You can also hire break dancers, bound to entertain your guests, these incredible dancers use clever improvisation and expressive style for a one of kind performance.

Hire Dancers/i>
If you would like to book dancers for your event we have an amazing range to pick from, whether its posh or casual, modern or traditional, themed or for a family occasion we can provide you with some professional and experienced dancers who will make your event wonderful. We love to help your put on the event of your dreams and our dedicated account managers will draw upon their industry knowledge and expertise to make sure your entertainment is special. As a leading entertainment booking agency we have the connections and experience to ensure you book top tier dancers. Just get in touch to learn more about hiring dancers or to make an enquiry, our friendly team will be delighted to give you any recommendations or advice, so you can hire dancers that will make your event a big success.

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