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Wedding Bands for Hire London, UK & Int

Hire the best Wedding Band for your wedding! We have a great choice of genres of live wedding music bands for hire who can make your wedding so special, including swing bands, tribute acts…

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Hire Wedding Bands

Want to hire a lively wedding band for your special day? We have the best live wedding bands for hire who can make your wedding party. The list above is just a taster of our extensive roster of Wedding Music Bands for hire. Booking wedding music bands is a great choice to ensure you have a personal, interactive performance that will get everyone dancing while also providing a range of music for wedding guests of all ages and preferences.

To get you started we have put together a list of some of the most popular music genres for weddings. Taking into account the different parts of the wedding day; including the ceremony, processional and drinks reception, the genre of a wedding music band can play a large part in creating the perfect setting for you and your guests.

Our Top 5 Trending Wedding Bands Music Genres
The genre of wedding music bands is obviously down to personal preference, but there are always those genres that seem to be well-suited for the romantic occasion…

  1. Hire Jazz & Swing Wedding Music Bands – these genres are eclectic mix of old school and modern styles, their versatility means that they can easily transition from a slow, low-tempo song, to an upbeat, lively piece to leave everyone satisfied.
  2. Hire Pop / Disco Wedding Music Bands – Always popular when all the guests hit the dance floor, the perfect pop tune can get everyone singing along.
  3. Hire R&B Wedding Music Bands – Another versatile genre that can mix some smooth classics with energetic, catchy tunes.
  4. Hire Rock (& Roll) Wedding Music Bands – There are plenty of classic rock songs that everyone will recognise, from the hard-core head bangers to the more mellow guests, rock has a broad appeal in its endless amount of sub-genres.
  5. Hire Acoustic Wedding Music Bands – Similar to country or folk, the acoustic band can offer a more chilled experience but a more active, dynamic cover song is never out the question.

There’s always the possibility of mixing up your music genres; some wedding music bands can be known to be fluent across a number of genres which can give you a tailor-made and personal experience. They can customize their repertoire around each stage of your wedding, making it truly unique.

Tips and Tricks for Hiring the Right Wedding Music Band
One thing you need to take into account when booking wedding music bands is the appeal, as much as the wedding is about you, there are the guests to consider; they want to celebrate too! Obviously go with your favourite band, but if you make sure they have a good range of songs (to sing and dance to) on their repertoire then everyone will be happy.

Try and hire a wedding music band with demonstrable experience; your mind will be at ease when you can peruse their previous client’s testimonials and see that people have vouched for them. We always like to have these aspects on all our acts pages. It especially comes in handy when you can’t see the wedding music band play live beforehand.

Be on the lookout for wedding music bands with extra advantages. For example many live bands offer a DJ set when they are not performing, this is a preferable contrast to having awkward silences between sets and keeps your guests entertained. Also when hiring wedding music bands keep in mind to check about location and equipment as some live bands will require electricity or directions, this will often be specified during arrangements but it is definitely something to be conscious of. You will need to factor in many aspects ; such as weather if it is outdoors or ensuring that there is enough space for them to perform at the venue. However when you book through an entertainment agency like Contraband this will all be taken care of!

Additionally it helps to be savvy, an entertainment agency can assist with any questions but it always helps if you have done your research so you have an idea about what kind of wedding music band you’re looking for.

Hiring Wedding Bands – FAQs
Q: Do you offer last minute wedding band availability?
A: Yes, we’ll do our best to accommodate your request, and have a large selection of wedding bands to offer.

Q: Do we have any input into what will be on the wedding band ’s playlist?
A: Yes, our wedding bands are accommodating, and happy to take song requests where possible.

Q: Can a wedding band learn a specific track for our wedding?
A: With enough time, it may be possible for a wedding band to learn a specific track for you

Q: Will the wedding bands bring their own PA system/backline?
A: Please check with your account manager when discussing the enquiry.

Q: How early should the wedding band arrive at the venue?
A: Ideally, all soundchecks will take place before guests arrive at the venue.

Q: What will wedding bands require from us?
A: Each wedding band will have their own requirements, which will be sent to you before the event. A hot meal and refreshments is normally required, especially if the band are on site for a long period of time.

Our Top 5 Fabulous First Dance Wedding Songs
One of the most significant parts of the wedding day is the first dance, and there always a lot of pressure to pick the perfect song. To give you some inspiration here is a list of some wedding first dance favourites…

  1. ‘Thinking out Loud’ – Ed Sheeran
  2. ‘At Last’ – Etta James
  3. ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ – Elvis
  4. ‘Make you feel my Love’ – Adele
  5. ‘All of Me’ – John Legend

All hits in their own right; these songs adhere to the slow, romantic stylings of a typical first dance. Although if you prefer to stand out from the crowd, some bride and grooms may opt for a passionate Latin number or a more vibrant pop song.

If you want your wedding to be truly unforgettable we have a brilliant roster of wedding party entertainment that is sure to delight your guests, from some unique wedding food and drink productions, hilarious walkabout entertainment to mingle with your guests and great wedding DJs that will get everyone on their feet! If you want to see a complete list of performers you can hire, take a look at our diverse and gifted entertainment roster.

Hire Wedding Music Bands with Contraband
As one of the UK’s top wedding entertainment agencies, you can trust our account managers to give you original and unique ideas for your wedding, with some of the best wedding music bands for hire they are sure to find you some excellent deals. Get in contact today if you would like to discuss booking a wedding music band for your big day!

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