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Hire / Book Pavement Artists

We have some incredible pavement artists to hire that are sure to draw in the crowds. These pavement artists can create fantastic portraits, scenes and vivid 3D effects, they are perfect to hire for any corporate or private event. Get in touch to find out more about booking a pavement artist…

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U.C. – Craft & Pavement Art Workshops

Hire Pavement Artists

We are a top entertainment agency absolutely bursting with an eclectic roster where you can hire pavement artists of exceptional quality. Pavement artists will gather large crowds at all type of events, drawing them in to their unique and visually striking pieces of work. If you’re looking to amaze and astound your guests, a pavement artist can create a sensational work of art right at their feet, all they need is a large, flat piece of ground to transform. Just like a graffiti artist, Pavement Artists can create portraits, scenes and 3D effects and use your company logo and create amazing pieces of street art.

What is a Pavement Artist?
A pavement artist is basically someone who creates artistic designs on the ground mostly in a public area, however this art can take many forms, with everything from mind-bending three-dimensional pieces to intrinsically accurate portraits or renderings of historic art, the ground is literally a pavement artist’s canvas.

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