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Grass Art can re-create your advert on a field, hillside or grass embankment. Whether it’s a huge banner created in a field by the side of the motorway or on a sports pitch or grass verges, Grass Art can produce an end to end campaign for you – design, planning, production and aerial photography can all be achieved in producing this very special advertising.

Utilising specialist environmentally friendly paint Grass Art can replicate your logo or advert in several colours in any size! Even hundreds of metres can be produced. And when your campaign or event has finished it they can safely remove the paint.

Utilising a specially created paint, Grass Art create a stencil of your product, then spray it onto the grass. The paint is non- toxic and does no harm to the grass or the environment. At the end of the campaign a substance is added to the paint which dissolves it, leaving behind no trace with no damage to the grass and turf.
These adverts are fantastic for grabbing attention and PR!

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Fantastic way to grab attention

Environmentally friendly

Re-creates your advert on the field

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Grass Art’s – Field Art Previous Clients:

Sunderland Police
Sunderland City Council
Kent County Council
Camden Waterways Authority
JD Sports
Dominos Pizza
Brunswick Shopping Centre
Bolton Shopping Centre
The Carphone Warehouse
ING Bank
Jim Beam
Coors Brewers
Sol Beer
Barefoot Wine
Absolut Vodka
The Sun
The Times
British Gas
Opal Telecom
Kanaloa Club
Palma Pictures
Leeds City College
Mall of the Emirates
Transport For London

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