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Hire Fairground Rides

Hire fairground rides and run away from reality for a magical experience! These delightful fairground rides will have your guests laughing and having an endless amount of fun. Also check out our fun fairground stalls.

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Hire Fairground Rides

You can hire fairground rides for a sensational event! Whether it’s embracing your inner child and whizzing down the helter skelter or bouncing off your friends in the dodgems, if you hire fairground rides it will make for some endless fun that everyone will love. These exciting rides are an excellent choice for a variety of events such as a corporate family fun day or even if you’re looking to recreate your own exclusive carnival or festival; they are sure to attract the crowds. Indulge in some timeless fun and hire fairground rides to give your guests an experience they will never forget.

What are Fairground Rides?
For anyone searching for a thrill, fairground rides are the perfect remedy. The phrase covers everything from roller coasters to carousels, essentially referring to a mechanical structure designed to move people with an exciting ride or spin. First operated manually, over time technology has progressed to allow fairground rides to run on electricity to provide an even more adrenaline-pumping experience. However, there are also traditional rides such as helter skelters which only require electricity for the vibrant lights.

Did You Know? – The oldest carousel in the world still stands in Wilhelmsbad Park in Germany.

Hire Fairground Rides on our Books
If you would like to hire fairground rides we have a colourful array of bright and attractive attractions to choose from. They will not only brighten up your event but also give your guests a chance to either hurtle down the slides or get giddy with excitement on the Waltzers. Fairground rides are an excellent choice for guests of all ages, whether its kids or adults everyone loves the opportunity to get their hearts racing alongside friends and family. A perfect addition to any event, from festivals to corporate parties, if you hire fairground rides you are sure to make it an occasion to remember. Here are a few of the fantastic fairground rides on our roster:

  • Hire fairground ride Dodgems – An ever-popular classic attraction, all the family will love dodgems as they race around the track and bump into each other with entirely safe but hilarious results.
  • Hire fairground ride Carousel – The true staple of a typical fair, this ride will tempt all your guests to have a go and relive their youth on the beautifully designed attraction. With a variation of styles from the usual horses, to cars, and even a pumpkin carriage straight out of Cinderella.
  • Hire fairground ride Ferris Wheel – Whether your guests are looking for a romantic spot to overlook the event or love the thrill of getting up high, the Ferris wheel not only looks great but also provides a relaxing viewpoint of the proceedings.

Hire Fairground Rides
If you hire fairground rides you can guarantee a remarkable event that everyone will be talking about for weeks after. With a great selection of all the classic rides that we all know and love you can create your very own carnival or festival right on your doorstep. We are a leading entertainment booking agency that knows what makes an event a true success. Our friendly and experienced account managers can provide you with any recommendations or guidance you may require. Just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you with a fairground ride booking t ensure your event is unforgettable.

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