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Hire / Book a Father Christmas / Santa

Capture the festive spirit and hire a Father Christmas or Santa Claus for a jolly Christmas event! Perfect to hire for any corporate or private function, our Santas are sure to be a hit with all your guests. Contact us to find out more about hiring Father Christmas…

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Watch one of our jolly Father Christmas:

Hire Father Christmas / Santa Claus

Hire Father Christmas if you want a fantastically festive Christmas celebration for all your guests. A Santa Claus is the staple of a traditional Christmas event that people of all ages will enjoy – Santa is the indication that the festive season has well and truly arrived. We have a comprehensive roster of professional Father Christmas lookalikes that can bring some cheer to any occasion, these festive figures are the stars of the Christmas period so be sure to book early!

Hiring Father Christmas or Santa Claus
We have an excellent range of Father Christmas to hire who are full of festive joy with vibrant costumes and jovial attitudes. Whether you want to hire Santa Claus for a shopping centre Christmas event or a corporate Christmas party, these charismatic Santas will delight all your guests with their depiction of Father Christmas. Here are some of the fun Father Christmas you can hire with us:

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  • Hogarth – These fantastic Father Christmas actors to hire come adorned in high-quality costumes and can adapt their performances especially for your event.
  • John – This experienced Father Christmas to hire has been named as one of the top five Santa’s by Time Out magazine after bringing the jolly character to life for many years.
  • Alan – A wonderful Father Christmas to hire with numerous TV appearances under his belt, Alan’s Santa has brought joy to children all over the country; even working with various members of the Royal Family, including the Queen herself!

Father Christmas vs. Santa Claus – What’s the difference?
For one thing, the origins. We took a look at the history of this key Christmas figure to find out exactly where the names Santa Claus and Father Christmas came from:

  • During the 15th Century, Christmas was personified through English carols as Sire Christmas, which has now developed into Father Christmas. When the Puritans denied Christmas feasts in the 17th Century, the festive people protested by creating a body for Father Christmas. This is where the jovial old man with a white beard image was formed, made to reflect the spirit of good cheer at Christmas.
  • Santa Klaus is a manifestation of a number of traditions. First, we have the Dutch immigrants who introduced a mystical figure called Sinterklaas to America in the 19th Century. Sinterklaas was an old bishop with a white beard who delivered presents to children on St. Nicholas day (December 6th). In the meantime, Germany had KristKintl. Described as a blonde child with angel wings, Kristkintl would bring gifts on Christmas Eve. When this tradition was also brought to America, Kristkintl soon became known as Kris Kringle.
  • Over time Sinterklaas, inspired by St. Nicholas, developed into Santa Claus. Later, St. Nicholas, Kris Kringle and Sinterklaas were all merged together in the world of fiction to become Santa Claus. Once this happened people started to recognise the similarities between Father Christmas and Santa Claus. The two jolly Christmas figures have now been fused together so that they are known to be one and the same.

Booking Father Christmas / Santa Claus
Contraband Events are a top Christmas entertainment booking agency who can help you put together the perfect Christmas event. We have the festive Christmas connections and knowledge to recommend some incredible Santas to hire that can brilliantly encompass the bearded character’s jolly cheer much to the delight of the children. Alongside many other forms of Christmas entertainment, you can hire Father Christmas as a charismatic presence that will keep people of all ages engaged and happy. Just get in touch if you are looking to hire Father Christmas or book Santas for a sensational event, we would be delighted to help!


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