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Hire / Book Fire Performers

Light up your event with our incredible fire performers to hire! Fire performers are guaranteed to put on a electric show to amaze your guests. We have a variety of fire performers to hire including fire hula hoopers, fire breathing, fire dancers and even a flaming saxophone.

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Anna is “London’s cult hula hooping artiste”. Her spontaneous & uplifting shows will delight and dazzle any audience!

Hire / Book Fire Performers

You can hire fire performers to set the crowd alight with pleasure as they watch the impressive entertainers manipulate the element to put on a truly mesmerising show. Fire performers are accomplished entertainers that will leave everyone wanting more as they juggle, spin and eat fire, putting on a fantastically atmospheric show that all ages will love. We are an experienced entertainment booking agency with a diverse roster of fabulous fire performers to leave you speechless.

What is a Fire Performer?
Fire performers come in an array of different forms but are generally entertainers who can use fire to put on sensational visual shows using various props and equipment. With an eclectic range of fire performers in the industry there is everything from fire breathers to fire dancers who will leave audiences in awe at their remarkable talents.

Did You Know? – Fire performance can be dated all the way back to the 13th Century, when Ancient Aztecs would perform a fire dance to honour the god of fire, Xiuhtecuhtli.

Fire Performers on our Books
The sensational range of fire performers to hire ensures you will find an incredible act to add some fiery flair to your event. These professional and experienced fire performers will grab everyone’s attention as they set their props ablaze and put their spellbinding act in motion, conjuring up an engaging and powerful performance that always captivates the crowds. Some of the fascinating fire performers to hire on our roster include:

  • Energy – These fire performers introduce you the amazingly unique blend of martial arts, dance and fire, putting on a magnetic show full of life and impressive visuals.
  • The Flaming Saxophone – This fire performer combines music and fire for a show that delivers in all areas, perfect as a talking point and an edgy take on musical entertainment.
  • Fire Flare – This charismatic fire performer hits the floor with an extraordinary act full of character and energy, he has even performed on stage alongside the likes of Taylor Swift and Seal.

Booking a Fire Performer
If you hire a fire performer to bring their spectacular act to your event it is sure to go down as a great success. Fire performers are capable of introducing atmosphere, excited tension and wonder to your event, achieving an enchanting performance that just treads on the edge of danger but is executed in a safe and controlled manner. Hire fire performers for a thrilling occasion with a top entertainment booking agency that has the insight and experience to make sure your guests will be amazed. Just give us a call or drop us an email and we will be pleased to help with your fire performer booking.

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