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Fire Eaters & Fire Performers

Are you looking for an act to impress your clients with? Something different, fast-paced and entertaining? Cut The Edge’s fire shows are slick, high-impact and guaranteed to leave your audience amazed and gasping for more.

Cut The Edge’s fire performances include a variety of fire disciplines: fire eating, fire staff, double fire staff, triple fire staff, fire poi, fire ropes, fire juggling and fire hula hoop. Bigger shows even include some more unusual props such as fire umbrellas, fire skipping and a firey bike! Our fire performers are available for choreographed stage shows and ambient entertainment. If you need cutting edge fire performance then you need Cut the Edge!

Featuring some of the best fire performers in the world, their artists have put years into developing their skills so their shows are the best around. All fire shows are tightly choreographed to music, feature a variety of different disciplines and can consist of 1 to 10 performers. To make our fire show really high impact ask about the pyrotechnics finale.

Cut The Edge’s service is completely self-contained, they will arrive, set up and perform at the time you specify with the minimum of fuss. You can just leave them to get on with it, leaving you to get on with the many other important tasks involved in organising an event.

Standard Length of Performance:
The show lasts approximately 15 minutes. Meet and greet sets are 30 minutes. The performances can be adapted according to the client’s requirements.

Fire Eaters & Fire Performers – Cut the Edge : Acts | Videos | Book for your event

Fast-paced and entertaining and is guaranteed to have a high impact

Featuring some of the best fire performers in the world who will leave you gasping for more

These performers are available for choreographed stage shows and ambient entertainment

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Here’s what Fire Eaters – Cut the Edge’s Acts said:

Solo Fire Show

Cut The Edge can offer a number of different world class performers for our solo shows. These smaller and more intimate performances are very much dependant on the personality of the individual artists, each with their unique styles and disciplines. They involve a number of different acts including audience interaction and a show stopping finale.

Multi-Person Fire Show

The next level up from the solo performances, these amazing shows will make a much bigger impression. Your guests will be hypnotised as world class performers gracefully weave in and out of each other in perfect synchronicity. Featuring a wider variety of disciplines these shows are entirely scalable to your event.

Ten Person Flaming Extravaganza

Want to make a really big impression? Why not book a ten person show? This 30 minute fiery spectacular involves flaming stilt monsters, crystal ball manipulators a variety of pyrotechnics and, of course, Cut The Edge’s trademark slick and flawless multi-performer choreographed routines covering every fire discipline imaginable.

Ambient Fire Entertainment

Multi-skilled performers will entertain your guests as they arrive and make a great first impression with mesmerising skills such as fire-spinning, fire-eating and juggling.

Walkabout Performers

Cut The Edge can also offer stilt walkers, crystal ball manipulators and glow performers.

Pyrotechnics Finale
All these shows can end
in a explosive pyrotechnics finale where showers of sparks light up the stage creating a truly memorable experience.

Videos of Fire Eaters & Fire Performers – Cut the Edge

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