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Hire / Book Walkabout Magicians & Mind Readers

You can hire magicians and mind readers to enchant your guests with some bewitching tricks and amazing insights at your event. Just get in touch to find out more about booking magicians or booking mind readers…

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Laura is one of the world’s few female sleight of hand artists and has exceptional card skills

Hire / Book Walkabout Magicians & Mind Readers

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of magic and hire walkabout magicians and mind readers to fascinate your guests with their talents. These fantastic performers will thrill the crowds at all types of occasions, from corporate events to private functions, they always prove to be a hit with guests of all ages. We also offer stage magicians. If you are looking to hire walkabout magicians or mind readers then we are sure to have the perfect one for your event, whether it’s a Harry Potter themed party in need of some magical entertainment or a big corporate event in need of a captivating magician to engage the guests, there are plenty of magicians and mind readers to choose from on our roster.

What are Walkabout Magicians and Mind Readers?
These magicians and mind readers provide an experience like no other with personal close-up magic, whether it’s mingling with your guests or welcoming people into the venue with magical flourish. For a more bespoke and exclusive form of entertainment, these walkabout magicians and mind readers will stun the crowds.

Did You Know? – The Prince of Wales is actually a member of the exclusive club the ‘Magic Circle’. He was given a place after performing the classic cup and ball trick.

Hire Walkabout Magicians and Mind Readers from our Books
To add some astonishing flair to your function and amaze your guests you can hire walkabout magicians and mind readers from our extensive roster. These incredible performers can conjure up a dynamic and enchanting atmosphere at any event, bringing their own unique style and talents that are sure to make the occasion special. Our roster contains a plethora of brilliant walkabout magicians and mind readers to hire, their brilliant skills proving a hit and drawing in the crowds who want a closer look as the spectacle unfolds in front of them. If you would like to hire walkabout magicians and mind readers you are sure to find the right one to stun your guests from our books, here are just a few of the magical performers that you can hire:

  • Hire walkabout mind reader and magician Jamie – This excellent close up magician combines humour and magic as he puts his audience under his spell with some miraculous and fascinating mind reading and close-up magic. As a member of the magic circle and with experience entertaining top celebrities and famous figures he is sure to make a great impression at any event.
  • Hire walkabout magician Maddox Dixon – This incredible magician went from musician to magician after Chris Martin from Coldplay asked him to open up for them on tour. He has since graced the stage with a number of televised performances, thrilling viewers across the nation with his unique brand of mesmerising magic.
  • Hire walkabout magician Katherine Mills – After unanimously being voted into the Magic Circle, Katherine’s career has flourished, her entrancing bespoke performances have won over numerous crowds. This captivating magician will bewitch her audience and leave them wanting more with her amazing tricks.

Hire Walkabout Magicians and Mind Readers
When you hire walkabout magicians and mind readers you are sure to give your guests an unforgettable experience, these popular performers know how to engage the crowds and keep their attention. All of our magicians and mind readers have a unique style and approach to their talents, as a top entertainment booking agency we pride ourselves on our diverse roster of professional magicians and mind readers. Our account managers are excellent at recommending the best acts to suit your event and will work with you from start to finish to ensure you have an extraordinary occasion. Just get in touch and we would be delighted to help with your walkabout magician and mind reader booking.

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