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Joe – Card Shark & Card Magician | UK

Joe is a master entertainer and one of magic’s top performers. Joe is perfect for corporate events, and a perfect choice for walkabout wedding entertainment. Mixing sleight of hand with a unique style of conversational psychology Joe leaves his audience with an experience unlike any other. Joe has a purist approach to magic, which sees him a world away from his counterparts in the industry. Joe consults with all of his clients to ensure his performance is bespoke and tailored to your event.

Acts Include:

Table Magic

This is perhaps Joe’s most coveted performance style. Joe extends exclusive invitations to groups of guests at a time and performs a twenty to thirty minute show guaranteed to blow their minds! Guests will experience real miracles being performed with a standard deck of playing cards.


Joe strolls around your event performing for groups of guests a time. This is much more relaxed and informal way of entertaining your guests, which works well in situations where guests are both seated and standing.

Gambling Exposé

The secrets of professional card playing have been well preserved and allows Joe to extend an exclusive invitation to you and your guests into the crooked world of gamblers. Throughout the show Joe will demonstrate, at a professional card table, some of the underhand techniques employed by the world’s most infamous card cheats. By the end of the show Joe will leave you with no doubt why you should always play cards in the safety and confines of the casino.

Photos of Joe