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Hire / Book Speed Painters & Speed Portrait Artists

In a matter of minutes our highly skilled speed painters and speed portrait artists for hire can create an inspiring masterpiece sure to blow all your guests away. A fantastic addition to any product launch, corporate event or private function; contact us to find out more about booking a speed painter or speed portrait…

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Watch Speed Painter Jon performing at Piccadilly Circus

Hire Speed Painters & Speed Portrait Artists

If you’re looking to have an immersive event you can hire speed painters or hire speed portrait artists. These talented artists can create fantastic art at great speed that will have your guests awestruck and make your event a truly special experience.

Speed Painters & Speed Portrait Artists on our Books
Our exciting roster is crammed full of talented speed painters to hire who can create fantastic works of art in a matter of minutes. This impressive skill is one born from artistic innovation and quick thinking, you are sure to have an excellent event if you book one of these amazing speed portrait artists or painters for your event. With a wealth of experience and professional integrity you can have your pick of the best speed painters in the industry, check out our palette of speed artists to hire on our roster:

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