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Ebru Artist (Paper Marbling Artist)

Mehmet is a talented Ebru artist (paper marbling artist) that has attended various exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops around the world. Turkish water marbling is a method of making patterned paper by transferring colour from the surface of a liquid to paper. The traditional manner of marbling paper is often called “Turkish” marbling or Ebru because it originated in the old Ottoman empire of the 15th century.

Water-based inks containing ox gall as a dispersant are floated on the surface of water thickened with gum tragacanth or carragheenan moss (actually a seaweed). The colours are then drawn into patterns by means of sticks or combs, specially-prepared paper is laid gently on the surface, left for a few seconds, and just as gently removed, rinsed (to wash off dirty size or excess colour), and hung to dry.

Standard Length of Performance: Up to 5-6 hours a day

The Ebru artist will require a table and a desk light.

Ebru Artist (Paper Marbling Artist) – Mehmet : Videos | Book for your event

A talented Ebru artist

Traditional Turkish marbling

Originated in the old Ottoman empire

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Video of Ebru Artist (Paper Marbling Artist) – Mehmet

Book Ebru Artist (Paper Marbling Artist) – Mehmet

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