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Transform your venue with our breath-taking art installation for hire. Our talented installation artists cover digital wall mapping, dance, art and much more. Contact us to hire art installation artists so you can celebrate your event in style…

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Pas De Deux’s amazing event art installation

Hire / Book Art Installations

If you’re looking to bring your event venue to life and treat your guests to a visual feast, you can hire art installations with us! With an extraordinary range of eclectic and unique art installations on our books you can have your pick of some exciting artwork that will impress your guests and add some creative flair to the special occasion. We are a top entertainment agency and can help you with booking a fantastic art installation for your event.

What is an Art Installation?
An art installation is created in order to transform an empty space, intending to change the perceptions of the area using multiple artistic styles such as painting or sculpting, as time has gone on many artists also incorporate new media like sound, video or virtual reality. An art installation is usually a three-dimensional piece of work that can be interactive or immersive.

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What an Art Installation Can Add to Your Event
There are many advantages to hiring art installations for your event, with amazing installations such as interactive walls or breath-taking living paintings, it is sure to be a new and exciting experience for your guests. This mesmerising art has many benefits and can add another element to the special occasion, some top reasons to book an art installation are:

  • Engagement – A great art installation like the ones on our books are perfect ways to encourage conversation between guests, they can be brilliant ice breakers as people marvel at the creativity or test out the interactive aspect if there is one.
  • Aesthetics – Hiring an art installation is a perfect way of adding atmosphere to a venue, these visually stunning and attractive pieces can really add an extra dimension to the room.
  • Themes – If your event has an intended message or theme, an art installation can help to express this in a fresh and engaging way.

Art Installations on our Books
With an awe-inspiring variety of art installations to hire you can have your pick of some exciting art to captivate your guests. Here are just a few of our fascinating art installations that are available to hire:

  • Pattern – An enchanting dance art installation, they incorporate movement, art and sound to create a beautiful performance.
  • Interactive Digital Wall – This attractive and atmospheric piece reacts to your body’s movements so guests can play with their own silhouette on the screen, providing some spellbinding visuals.
  • Alexa Meade – Painting directly on to models to make living art her pieces are visually striking and truly immersive.

Hiring an Art Installation
As one of the UK’s top entertainment agencies, we have helpful, experienced account managers who can guarantee you original art installation entertainment ideas, some gifted entertainers for hire, and the best deals possible. We are booking agents for a vast range of artistic entertainment to hire, and we can recommend some exclusive and exciting art installation shows and artistic entertainment for an event to remember.


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