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Visual Lipstick Artist – USA

Lipstick Lex is not your ordinary artist. Rather, Lipstick Lex is an unconventional visual artist utilising 100% lipstick and her KISSES to create gorgeous works of art that are conversational, compelling and down right mind-blowing! 
Her work evokes positive emotions as it’s mission is to spread love, self-love, adoration, empowerment, femininity, beauty and all around vibrant vibes.

From murals to installations, auctions to workshops, and displayed collective works of art, Lex will beautify your event in a way that has never been done before. Literally. She is the ONLY performing lipstick artist in the world!

Lipstick Lex kisses and creates for both personalized commissions as well as corporate commissions/collaborations for clients around the globe. Her work can be created both in her studio and/or on site. When her work is needed prior to the event, Lex creates the piece/s in her Sarasota, Florida studio and shoots stimulating time-lapse videos which demonstrate her process. These videos are often displayed at the event to captivate the guests and draw them towards the art.

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Lipstick Lex will create mind-blowing art to attract your guests to engage with, take photos with & spread the good word!

Is able to create your customised image/s either on site or off site prior to your event

Creates art with a mission to spread love, self-love, empowerment, femininity, creativity, beauty, adoration and positivity

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Here’s what Lipstick Lex – Visual Lipstick Artist’s clients said:

There is nothing as special as watching an artist create – and Lex its truly remarkable! Kissing the texture onto the canvas and into our hearts
MACpro, MAC Cosmetics

Alexis Fraser AKA Lipstick Lex is a kiss artist. She started creating her artwork in 2011 after being commissioned to paint Marilyn Monroe in a nontraditional manner. Proud of her artwork’s mission to spread love.”
Business Insider

Alexis Fraser (Lipstick Lex) is giving the phrase “sealed with a kiss” a whole new meaning. We are thoroughly impressed by your innovation and technique, Alexis. Kisses from us to you!
In Style

We are honoured to invite the renowned American lipstick artist – “Lipstick Lex” to have her first Hong Kong solo exhibition. Lex will use over ten thousand kisses to create her largest piece of of the “Victoria Harbour Sunset” for this exhibition.
Harbour City Mall


Lipstick Lex – Visual Lipstick Artist’s Previous Clients:

Harbour City Mall (Hong Kong)
Isehan Cosmetics (Japan)
Square Rock Group (London)
Pickler & Ben TV debut (Nashville)
MAC Cosmetics
Younique Cosmetics
Bougiee Cosmetics
The Brain Project (Toronto)

Video of Lipstick Lex – Visual Lipstick Artist

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