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Hire / Book Children’s Shows

Our captivating children’s shows and family shows to hire are always filled with fun and laughter, putting on a vibrant performance to remember. Whether it is a private or corporate event they always entertain the crowds. Contact us to find out more about hiring a children’s show or family show…

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Mr Wippy Show – Children’s Musical Show

Hire / Book Children’s Shows & Family Shows

Our dynamic range of bright and cheerful family shows and children’s shows to hire will guarantee a brilliant event that will put a grin on your face. The children’s shows to hire are fantastic at keeping the kids entertained with their high-energy, interactive performances while the family shows to hire provide something for everyone, finding the perfect balance between the ages so they are all amused. If you’re looking for fun for all the family or just to makes your children’s birthday extra special these children shows and family shows to hire always go down an absolute storm.

Children’s Shows on Our Books
The exceptional children’s shows to hire on our roster will send the children on a magical adventure with their enchanting performances that capture the imagination in unique and creative ways. We have a number of excellent children’s shows with experienced and professional performers who love what they do. Some the children’s shows to hire on our books include:

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  • The Giant Whale – The children will encounter pirates and mermaids who will tell some fishy tales inside this giant inflatable whale, this children’s show is literally an immersive and unique experience that will make a great impression on the kids.
  • Kat’s Kids Parties – This theatrical children’s show encourages the children to get involved with a parade of fun activities and colourful characters, putting together a truly exciting party for all to enjoy.
  • Ritchie – This passionate performer puts on a fantastic comedy magic and puppet children’s show that is a hit with all the kids, introducing them to funny characters and having them in fits of giggles.

Family Shows on Our Books
There is fun for the whole family with our family shows to hire. The eclectic range of lively and entertaining performances on our roster means there will be something for everyone, whether it’s a mix of passionate performers showing off their fascinating circus talents or an impressive falconry show. Some of the amazing family shows to hire include:

  • Giant Balloon Show – A hilarious family show using just a giant balloon as a prop, the charismatic, lively performer ensures there will be lots of laughs for all.
  • Happy’s Circus – Bringing the magic of the circus to your door, this family show has everything from curvy contortionists to brilliant balancing acts that will thrill your guests.
  • The Falconry – These incredible displays are the perfect family show, both educating and entertaining your guests with the bird’s skills and inclusive interactive element.

Hiring Family Shows vs. Hiring Children’s Shows
When you pick which show to hire you need to take into consideration a few factors, we have thought of three important aspects to take into account before you hire a children’s show or family show:

  • Give Yourself a Break – Are you looking for something to keep the kids busy and having fun while you take care of other things, or just want a chance to chill? Then a children’s show will be best to hire, they can take care of the kids, entertaining and amusing them while you take some time off.
  • Event – Is it a festival or large family fun day? A family show will be better suited as it will entertain a much wider audience, whereas a children’s party has a much more specific guest list, so the ages won’t vary as much.
  • Budget – The bigger the budget the more flexible you can be with your choice of entertainment; a family show can be slightly more expensive as it tends to be of a larger scale but there are many variations, so it is always best to get in touch and we can give you recommendations.

Booking a Children’s Show or Family Show
As a top booking agency for children and family shows we can help you be a star in your child’s eyes with some incredible entertainment that is sure to make an impression. Our dedicated, friendly account managers will assist you with your enquiry, offering fresh ideas and giving you guidance on the children or family show that is best suited for your event. Just give us a call and we would be delighted to help you hire a children’s show or family show for an unforgettable occasion.


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