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Children’s Stage Show – France

Achike is a theatrical, circus and dance stage show for children that can be performed in either English or French. Great for family fun day’s or for children’s festivals.

Earth, on a day unlike any other, neglected and mistreated by careless humans, the beautiful Achike, the spirit of our planet, falls ill. She sneezes, is feverish, and each of her sneezes causes a natural disaster! Frightened by these disasters, a young boy named Nalou decides to run away. This begins a long journey, punctuated by encounters with mysterious, wonderful, and quite frankly ridiculous characters!

During his trip, Nalou comes to understand that he doesn’t need to flee, he, the young boy, can heal Achike and restore harmony by taking care of the Earth. These fabulous entertainers have been performing their shows since 1996, with Achike being created in 2010.

Standard Length of Performance:
Achike is a 1 hour stage show.

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Great for family fun days

Have been performing since 1996

Can be performed in English or French

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Here’s what Achike – Children’s Stage Show’s clients said:

Achike gives a humorous and delicate point of view about the current environmental concerns. By transposing a Peruvian folk tale in modern society, Commotion reactivates these mythologies and gives children space to think about our planet.
Private Client

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