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We have excellent calligraphers to hire from all kinds of backgrounds with their own artistic techniques. Whether it’s for a private or corporate event they are always a fascinating addition to the occasion. Contact us to find out more about hiring a captivating calligrapher..

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One of our talented calligraphers

Hire a Calligrapher or Calligraphy Artist

You can hire a calligrapher or calligraphy artist to make your event a brilliant and unique occasion. Our amazing calligraphers can create some beautiful works of art for your event that will make it even more special; they can produce fantastic hand written invitations or some attractive signs to adorn the walls of your venue or can be used as some creative decor. There are many opportunities to hire calligraphers and use their skills to ensure your event is extra special.

Types of Calligraphers on our Roster
You can hire calligraphy artists for a wide range of events and we have a number of different styles of artists to suit each type. With a diverse range of captivating calligraphers available to hire you can choose from some of the best in the business, such as:

  • Chinese or Japanese calligraphers are experts at their craft and can do some authentic and striking lettering for your guests, creating bookmarks or place settings that serve as the perfect memento to take home.
  • Calligraphy artist Paul can write some stunningly intricate script for your event such as invitations, menus or maps; he will work to make you something personal and appealing so your event will feel extraordinary.
  • Hire the amazing Calligraphy Light Show which is the perfect blend of modern technology with traditional artistry, the captivating performance will draw everyone in and keep them mesmerized. Whether you’re looking to have an interesting addition to a corporate event or want to give your guests something special at a private function then a calligraphy artist is the right artistic entertainment to hire.

Hire Calligraphers for Themed Events
If you are looking to have an Oriental themed event then you can hire calligraphers to bring some authenticity and artistry to the proceedings. Our fantastic Japanese and Chinese calligraphy artists have a wealth of experience and creativity when it comes to calligraphy, with their stunning works of art your guests will feel immersed in the culture. Another type of artistic entertainment you can hire to really add to the atmosphere and give everyone a truly authentic experience is one of our talented Origami Artists.

There are so many more themes that you can hire calligraphers for. They are sure to wow your guests with their unique skills and create some beautiful pieces whether it’s for décor or a more personal memento they can help make your occasion unforgettable. For example our excellent Arabian Calligraphy artist Osman would be perfect for an Arabian themed event, he can produce some intricate and colourful work that will be the highlight of your event and really help bring it to life!

Did You Know?
The term calligraphy comes from the Greek words ‘kallos’ (beauty) and ‘graphein’ (to write), and literally means beautiful writing – we can see why!

Booking a Calligraphy Artist
You can rely on our expert account managers to find you some extraordinary calligraphers to hire and some of the best deals possible. Just get in touch if would like to hire calligraphers and we will be delighted to help you put on an event to remember.

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