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Bring tap, tap tapping glitz & glamour to your event and hire tap dancers to amaze your guests! These dynamic tap dancers are sure to impress with their incredible talents. For more information about booking tap dancers just get in touch…

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Hire Tap Dancers

For an extraordinary event you can hire tap dancers to captivate and entertain, as their expert choreography beats a rhythm on the floor the audience are sure to be mesmerised. Whether you would like to hire tap dancers for a sensational group routine at a corporate event or to wow your guests at a more intimate jazz celebration with a lively performance, these performers will surely deliver. Our diverse range of tap dancers to hire means you are spoilt for choice, you can have your pick of leading professionals in the industry that promise your event will be an absolute hit.

What is a Tap Dancer?
The form of tap dancing we recognise today came about in the 1910’s, with some moves adopted from Irish jigs and African tribal dancing, it developed into its familiar form when metallic taps were added to the heel and toe of dancing shoes. The style was continuously adapted and molded by famous tap dancers who explored the form and came up with creative and exciting new moves in their choreography. Tap dancing can also be characterised by their use of rhythm, as tap dancers can either create beats with their feet or accompany the beats in music. Moves found in tap dancing include shuffles, heel clicks, flaps and pullbacks alongside many more.

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