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Hire / Book Football Freestylers & Tricksters

Delight your guests with our sensational football freestylers and tricksters to hire. We have a remarkable roster of football freestylers including a world record holder! Get in touch to learn more about hiring football freestylers….

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Football Freestyle Show with Incredible Projection Mapping

Hire / Book Football Freestylers

Stun your guests with these talented athletes and their sporting prowess, hire football freestylers. A football freestyler can perform an engaging and dynamic variety of stunts and skills that will fascinate their audience. Whether you’re looking to hire football freestylers for a corporate sport event or are looking to gather crowds for a promotional campaign, we have an extraordinarily gifted range of fantastic football freestylers to choose from on our roster. Hire Football Freestylers to wow crowds!

What are Football Freestylers?
Freestyle football is an expressive form of skill and technique that uses a variety of different parts of the footballers body to perform football tricks. Over time it has increased in popularity, thanks in part to the Nike advertising campaign that showcased the various impressive freestylers in the industry, now there are thousands of professional football freestylers and many more who practise the sport. There are certain styles of freestyle football which tend to focus on the use of particular parts of the body, these include lower body or air moves, ground moves, sitting, upperbody and special, the latter incorporates acrobatics into the routine.

Did You Know? – The winner of the first ever freestyle football world tour was Andrew Henderson from England.

Hire Football Freestylers from our Books
Cause a sensation whatever the occasion and hire football freestylers to impress the guests at your event. We have a fantastic variety of talented football freestylers whose incredible skills always captivate their audiences, as they balance, flip and spin the ball in the air, onlookers watch transfixed. If you would like to hire football freestylers you are sure to find the perfect one from our roster, with world record holders, 3D projection shows and freestyle teams guaranteeing exceptional entertainment. Here are some of the brilliant football freestylers to hire from our books:

  • Hire football freestyler Laura – This talented footballer is a Guinness World Record holder four times over and one of the top female freestylers in the world, as well as offering workshops she can show off an array of impressive skills to amaze the crowds.
  • Hire football freestylers F2 United – This sensational duo are one of the best in the world with six Guinness World Records to their name, their spellbinding act always proves a success at any event as they astound guests with their unbelievable tricks.
  • Hire football freestyler Andrew – The reigning World Freestyle Football Champion and UK Freestyle champion, Andrew always puts on a spectacle, with a wealth of experience and a passion for the craft, he is sure to be an absolute hit at every event.

Hire Football Freestylers
If you are looking for some attention-grabbing entertainment with a ‘wow’ factor, then hire football freestylers. As a top entertainment booking agency Contraband loves to help our clients put on a unique and exceptional event, our knowledgeable account managers have all sorts of ideas and recommendations to ensure you hire entertainment to be proud of. If you choose to hire football freestylers they are ideal for birthday parties, school use, corporate events, trade shows, youth groups, charity events, fetes and just about anything else that you can think of! By hiring football freestylers as entertainment, you are bound to get your guests talking, just get in touch and we will be delighted to discuss a football freestyler booking with you.

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