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Hire / Book Harpists

Hire harpists to mesmerise your guests with magical music and enchanting melodies. We have a fantastic range of talented harpists who have had extensive experience performing. For more information about hiring harpists please get in touch…

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Alexandra has been in demand as a harpist, performing all over the country on TV, for royalty, MP’s, and even rock stars

Hire / Book Harpists

Hire Harpists with Contraband! Harpists are an extremely popular choice to hire for weddings. Harpists are popularly booked to play during the wedding ceremony and during the drinks reception. You can hire Harpists of all kinds to make sure your event is a spectacular occasion.

Create a magical atmosphere at your event and hire harpists to provide some enchanting music that will transport your guests to a world of wonder. These astounding harpists are some of the leading professionals in the business, each bringing raw talent and musical expertise to your event to ensure it goes off perfectly. You can hire harpists to conjure up some engrossing music, we have an excellent variety of harpists to choose from who will make an unforgettable impression at your event, proving themselves to be a valuable addition to any occasion. Whether you want to hire harpists for a glamorous corporate celebration or to inspire romance at a wedding we can help.

What is a Harpist?

One of the oldest instruments in the world the harp dates all the way back to 3500 BCE, with depictions of the instrument found on many Egyptian wall paintings. Prominent in a range of cultures, the harp is a stringed instrument which the harpists plays by plucking the strings which are connected to a soundboard. The harp is commonly associated with heaven and Christianity as many angels are painted playing harps. There are several different harps that harpists play, including the Irish lap harp, Gothic lap harp, Irish high-headed harp and the concert grand pedal harp, the differing sizes make the sound of each harp distinctive so when you hire harpists take care to look at which harp they play to make sure it fits the style of event.

Did You Know? – The harp is Ireland’s national symbol.

What is Difference Between a Pedal Harp and a Lever Harp?
Two main categories that harps fit into are lever harps and pedal harps, although for some slightly more specific there are specialty harps. The main difference between lever and pedal harps are the style of music they are designed to play, where a pedal harp is more suited to classical music a lever harp allows the harpist to play Celtic music more precisely. Also, as a pedal harp is bigger it will be louder, and a lever harp will sound more effective in a smaller room or venue. When you hire harpists, this could be an important factor to consider.

Hire Harpists on our Books
If you’re looking to hire harpists we have an amazing range of incredibly gifted musicians that will provide some spellbinding music to impress your guests. With extensive experience performing to a wide range of audiences, if you hire harpists from our books you are sure to have an event to remember as their beautiful melodies fill the room. Here are some of the fantastic harpists you can hire on our roster

  • Hire harpists Girls & Harps – This quartet of harpists have performed around the world, captivating their audiences with their extraordinary talents and diverse range of musical genres that they cover with elegance and grace.
  • Hire harpist K. Thomas – Winner of the London Harp Competition in 2003 and a finalist in the Royal Overseas League Competition, this harpist has been delighting audiences with her mesmerizing solo recitals all over the globe.
  • Hire glass harpist Petr – A unique and engaging act, glass harpist Petr is the leading performer at this act which uses the rims of glasses to create a bewitching sound that has astonished prestigious clients with its wondrous melodies.

Hire Harpists
If you are after some atmospheric and hypnotic music hire harpists to stun the crowds with their hauntingly captivating music that will set the scene for a brilliant event. Perfect for corporate or private events, whether it’s a gala dinner or intimate occasion you can hire harpists to inspire a romantic and elegant ambiance for your guests to indulge in. As a top entertainment booking agency, we love to help you put on an event to be proud of so if you hire harpist with us our experienced account managers will be sure to find the best harpist to suit the occasion. Just get in touch to hire harpists and we would be delighted to assist you with producing an exceptional event.

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