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Hire / Book Pole Dancers

Hire pole dancers whose flexibility and sensational control will impress your guests. The pole dancers on our books consist of leading performers including a two time pole champion and a world championship finalist. For more information about hiring pole dancers just give us a call…

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Cheryl’s Aerial Pole Dancer & Pole Dancer Showreel

Hire / Book a Pole Dancer

If you’re looking to hire pole dancers for your event we have a fantastic variety of accomplished and graceful pole dancers on our books. The art of pole dancing is one which requires great skill and strength, as they twist their bodies with unfathomable control your guests will be amazed and enchanted. Whether it’s as a spellbinding feature alongside music at a festival or as a captivating show at the beginning of your event, hire pole dancers to provide some fascinating entertainment that is bound to draw in the crowds.

What is a Pole Dancer?
The first use of a pole in the world of athleticism dates back over 800 years to an Indian sport called Mallakamb where gymnasts would perform acrobatic poses and postures hanging from a vertical pole. Over time it has developed with various countries adding their own techniques and is frequently combined with burlesque dance. A pole dancer uses elements of acrobatics and dance, performing moves such as climbs, spins and even upside-down splits while relying on coordination and strength to grip the vertical pole.

Did You Know? – The are three different styles of pole dancing; athletic, artistic and exotic.

What is the Difference Between Pole Dance and Pole Fitness?
The pole dancers to hire from our roster choose to pole dance as form of artistic expression and performance, however many people practice pole dancing for different reasons, one them being for fitness. The main aspect which separates pole dancers from pole fitness is that the latter focuses just on the technical skills and acrobatics involved whereas a pole dancer will also incorporate dance, putting on a more visual show for their audience.

Hire Pole Dancers on our Books
To hire pole dancers for your event would make for some remarkable entertainment, these lithe and elegant performers will mesmerise your guests with their exceptional pole dancing. If you would like to hire pole dancers we have some of the best in the business on our roster, with extensive experience and an undeniable passion for their art these pole dancers can deliver a performance to remember. Here are a few of the excellent pole dancers to hire on our books:

  • Hire pole dancer Cheryl – As an aerial pole dancer, Cheryl will have the crowds gazing up in wonder as she performs enchanting routines full of skill and charisma.
  • Hire pole dancer Kylie – This amazing pole dancer has performed around the world and shares her talents through teaching, her bespoke routines will be a popular addition to any event.
  • Hire pole dancer Yvette – A two time solo and double pole champion in the UK as well as a finalist in the world championships, Yvette has worked with prestigious brands such as L’Oreal and Reebok, performing her incredible pole dancing show with fascinating grace and control.

Hire Pole Dancers
You can hire pole dancers to provide some engaging and bewitching entertainment, spinning, climbing and hanging from the pole with incredible strength and style. Each pole dancer is different, bringing something fresh and exciting to every event they perform. As a top entertainment booking agency we understand the importance of giving your guests some special and unique entertainment for an unforgettable event. Our expert and experienced account mangers will be more than happy to help you put on a brilliant event with the perfect pole dancer to add some extra glitz. To hire pole dancers all you need to do is get in touch and we will take care of all the rest for a stress-free booking, we will work with you to ensure everything goes off wonderfully.

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