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Free-standing & Flying Pole Dancer

Bendy Kate is one of the most innovative pole dancers in the world. She has been performing for over 10 years on the pole and has an extensive background in gymnastics and hand balancing. You can choose from flying pole and rigging or a free-standing stage pole act, depending on the size of the venue. She is also available for aerial hoop, hammock and hand balancing chair acts.

When it comes to performing Bendy Kate’s aim is simple, to leave a long-lasting impression on the audience. She always is a pleasure to work and extremely professional. Bendy Kate has performed all over the world from China, to Australia to Mexico! She has also appeared on British TV shows on multiple occasions including Sky 1’s Got to Dance where she made it all the way to the semifinals, ITV’s Get Your Act Together and The Big Audition.

She was crowned the World Pole Dance Champion in 2014 and was the British Champion 3 times consecutively and has been performing at spectacular shows all around the world ever since. Kate has aimed to compete in more artistic and expressive competitions. Every performer is of course unique and different but Bendy Kate is very creative, emotive, passionate and experimental which together makes for a mesmerising show!

What is a flying pole act? Flying pole combines pole and aerial skills to create an innovative performance. The flying pole (a free-hanging vertical dance pole) hangs from the ceiling and the performer “flies” around on the pole while performing tricks and dance.

General styles that Bendy Kate can do on the pole include; contemporary, street dance, cabaret, artistic, gymnastic and exotic with heels. She can also tailor her act and costume to any event theme as long as the theme information is given in advance. Bendy Kate is also very well known for her pole and aerial work in long, beautiful skirts and dresses that she is able to manipulate and float effortlessly through her acts, it gives a very beautiful and elegant touch to her performances.

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World Pole Dance Champion 2014.

Performed on Sky 1 and ITV.

Semifinalist on Got to Dance.

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Pole Dancer – Bendy Kate’s previous clients:

Sky 1
Channel 4
Soho House
Impact Artists
Mimosa Performance

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