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Hire / Book Free Runners & Parkour performers

For some unbelievable fresh and exciting entertainment, hire free runners & parkour performers to astonish the crowds at your event. These experienced athletes do tricks and stunt that will blow your mind. Contact us to find out more about hiring free runners or parkour performers…

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3Run – Free Runners & Parkour Performers Showreel

Hire / Book Free Runners & Parkour performers

For a remarkable event that will truly impress your guests hire free runners or hire parkour performers, these incredible athletes never fail to amaze as they flip, climb and use their stylish acrobatic prowess to navigate their environment. A highly skilled and engaging act, free runners and parkour performers can be hired for all kinds of events. Whether you want to hire free runners for a grand entrance at an awards ceremony or hire parkour performers to carry out an attention-grabbing publicity stunt for your brand, they are sure to be a big hit.

What is a Free Runner?
Free-running is seen as an interactive and expressive way of engaging with your environment, navigating various obstacles and integrating movements from other sports such as gymnastics and breakdancing. A free-runner uses creative methods to move in exciting ways, almost like a physical art.

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