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Hire / Book Children's Entertainment

Animals for Hire

Not just a fun experience, hiring animals for your event can also be very educational and eye-opening, informing the children about wildlife and nature whilst also giving them the chance to interact with animals they may not have before.

Bubble Performers

Our bubble performers can create gigantic bubbles that will swallow you whole or conjure up a flurry of tiny bubbles for an impressive cloud-like effect…

Hire / Book Children's Entertainment

Children’s Workshops

If you hire children’s workshops the kids will learn all kinds of amazing new things, with everything from circus skills to arts and crafts, the children can really get stuck in and exercise their creative talents.

Hire / Book Children's Entertainment

Puppet, Punch & Judy Shows

Hiring a puppet show for your event will keep the kids engaged and in fits of giggles at the character’s silly antics, this traditional show makes for timeless entertainment that will be a welcome addition to all kinds of events.

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Arts & Craft Entertainment

Arts & Crafts children’s entertainment allows the kids to get creative and try out something new, whether it’s everyone pitching in to add some colour on a remarkable piece of wall art or getting their hands dirty with a pottery workshop.

Hire / Book Children's Entertainment

Children’s Entertainers

Our children’s entertainers deliver dynamic and lively performances that guarantee to draw in the crowds, whether it’s a brilliant bubble act or marvellous magic show, our children’s entertainers know how to keep the children happy.

Hire / Book Children's Entertainment: Dinosaurs


Who loves a dinosaur? Everyone! Not just a fun experience, hiring dinosaurs for your event can also be very educational

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Father Christmas

Hire a Father Christmas if you want a fantastically festive Christmas celebration for all your guests and he is the indication that the festive season has well and truly arrived.

Balloon Modellers

Our brilliant balloon modellers can create a remarkable assortment of balloon models that will delight the kids, whether it’s their favourite animal, balloon sword for a friendly duel…

Hire / Book Children's Entertainment

Children & Family Shows

The children’s shows to hire are fantastic at keeping the kids entertained with their high-energy, interactive performances while the family shows to hire provide something for everyone, finding the perfect balance between the ages so they are all amused.

Hire / Book Children's Entertainment

Animatronic Puppets

Our lifelike animatronic puppets will for sure attract the crowds – we have everything from a giant octopus to a vibrant dragon!

Hire / Book Children’s Entertainment

We have the best Children’s Entertainment ideas & Children’s Entertainers for hire out there! Our children’s entertainment roster covers the traditional, the unusual, the creative, the seasonal…

Traditional Children’s Entertainment – Punch and Judy shows are very popular, especially if you are looking for a traditional form of children’s entertainment. Contraband’s Punch and Judy performers are experienced, professional and very talented.

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A sneak peak of children’s entertainer lucy’s show

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