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Hire / Book Body Painters

For striking and eye-catching artistry at your event hire body painters! These astounding artists will create a beautiful piece for your guests to admire. Just give us a call if you want to learn more about hiring body painters…

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Check out Eleanor’s body painting for The Isle of Wight Festival

Hire / Book a Body Painter

If you would like your event to have some incredible visuals an interactive breathtaking art then you can hire body painters. We have an impressive roster of talented body painters who can use a body as a canvas and paint something amazing to amaze your guests. Whether it’s painting a famous piece or design or recreating the look of a film or television character, body painters will create something magical that is sure to make the night unforgettable. If you’re looking to hire body painters you are sure to find one who will truly wow you on our comprehensive roster, their fascinating talents can help make your event a sensation.

What is a Body Painter?
Body painting is a temporary form of body art, where the painter will paint their design directly onto a body which can be either partially covered or fully nude. One of the first instances of body painting occurred in tribal cultures where bodies would be painted with clay and other pigmented elements in order to decorate themselves for ceremonies. It is often used in the world of modelling or advertising due to it’s eye-catching and attractive appearance.

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