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Hire / Book Belly Dancers

You can hire alluring belly dancers with us that will captivate the guests at your event. Our amazing belly dancers perform engaging and riveting routines that are sure to be a popular aspect of your event. To find out more about hiring belly dancers just get in touch!

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Belly Dancer &… Sword Performer – Leah

Hire / Book Belly Dancers

Hire belly dancers as some beguiling entertainment that will help create a fantastic atmosphere for your event. Get lost in their enchanting dances and colourful outfits that really capture the essence of belly dancing’s Arabic roots. Whether you’re planning a themed event such as Arabian Nights or are looking to have some diverse and engrossing entertainment for an awards show, if you hire belly dancers they will bring your event to life in the best way possible.

What is a Belly Dancer?
Belly dancing is an Arabic style of dance that is said to have originated in Egypt and predominately focused on the body movements of the torso in time to the beats of music. Costume is also a big part of belly dancing, with the dancers wearing a ‘bedlah’ style outfit, which consists of a fitted bra or top with a hip belt and skirt or harem-pants. The costume is also normally adorned with sequins, beads, fringe or other embroidery.

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Did You Know? – The term ‘belly dance’ is derived from the French phrase ‘danse du ventre’ which is literally translated to ‘dance of the stomach’.

Types of Belly Dance performances to consider:

  • Hire a Belly Dancer – performances can include one exciting props such as swords & snakes!
  • Hire group of Belly Dancers – we can provide more than 5 belly dancers for extra impact.
  • Hire a bespoke belly dance performance – as we appreciate that every event is different we will work with you to create a bespoke package that is perfect for your event and budget.
  • Performer interaction – if you wish the belly dancers can interact, meet and greet or give a lesson to your guests

Belly Dancers to Hire on our Books
Our fantastic variety of belly dancers to hire come from a diverse range of backgrounds and are each sure to deliver an engrossing performance that will draw in the crowds. If you hire belly dancers to entertain at your event their mesmerising act is a compelling and unique experience for all your guests. With creative and inspired choreography and enviable grace these belly dancers will make the occasion special. Here are a few of the belly dancers you can hire on our books:

  • Hire Belly Dancer Pegah – This experienced belly dancer has performed all over the world, earning her a reputation as an accomplished and exciting dancer. Her vast knowledge and top-quality choreography make her an outstanding belly dancer that all your guests will love.
  • Hire Belly Dancer Fleur – This belly dancing show is a team of top belly dancers who have trained together over the years to perfect a stunning show, performing for the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Kasabian as well as members of the royal family.
  • Hire Belly Dancer Leah – This remarkable belly dancer has had an illustrious career, bringing her talents to the stage and screen, having performed at the MTV EMA Awards and launches for top brands Coca-Cola and Jean Paul Gaultier. Her captivating belly dancing shows make for immensely popular entertainment.

Booking a Belly Dancer
As a top entertainment booking agency we can offer you some of the best belly dancers to hire in the business. The belly dancers you can hire with Contraband have had exceptional experience and can also incorporate other skills in their acts such as sword performing and snake dancing, making sure their shows stand out from the rest. With informed and friendly account managers, all you need to do is give us a call and we will make sure you find the most suited belly dancer for your event. You can hire belly dancers for a range of events, such as corporate entertainment, private parties and weddings. Get in touch with your enquiry and we will work with you to find a brilliant belly dancer for an unforgettable event.


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