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Snake & Belly Dancer

Shahara is a creative belly dancer and snake charmer. Her different style, beauty and sensuality attract audiences of all types.

Shahara has trained privately and in workshops with some of the world’s best belly dancers. She is a highly acclaimed professional belly dance artist with over 10 years of experience in live performances, private parties, weddings and stage shows.

She has appeared at a variety of clubs, hotels, casinos and restaurants. Snake Charmer Shahara has featured on national and international television, danced for celebrities and performed for Royalty. She is currently the house belly dancer of several Middle East restaurants in London.

Frequently Asked Questions about Snake Charmers:

Q: Are you allowed to take snakes out among the public?
A: As a Rees Astley member Shahara has public liability and is licensed to take the snakes out in the public, there is a risk assessment document available for institutional events.

Q: Are you unkind to your snakes by taking them out on events?
A: Shahara has 7 snakes in her care, to exercise and socialise her snakes alone, is a daunting task, without help; the snakes seem to enjoy their outings, escaping from the confines of their vivaria to meet and socialise with people is better than being totally confined.

Q: Does smoke, bright lights and many people affect them?
A: All snakes have their own personalities; they all handle different situations their own way. When they are used to certain situations nothing bothers them so long as they know and feel secure that their handler/friend is around. Shahara has personally found that the only smoke they do not like is Dried Ice.

Q: Have you had their fangs taken away?
A: No, all of Shaharas snakes have their own teeth for eating with, none are venomous.

Q: Why isn’t it strangling you (Boa Constrictors)?
A: Snakes, like any captive animal, get to know their keeper. Besides, people are far too big to be prey items.

Q: Isn’t it unkind to dance with a snake?
A: Most of her dancing is performed around the basket, she takes the snake out only at the end of the performance and the movements she makes whilst holding the snake are carefully executed so as not to upset him/her.

Q: Shouldn’t the snakes be where they belong; in the wild, in their own country etc?
A: All the snakes in Shaharas care were born in the UK. The so called wild is quickly being taken over by human habitation; there are more Boa Constrictors in captivity than in the wild and incidentally, some species of the island Boas are extinct in the wild, but are being kept in captivity, hopefully until there is once more, some space for them to live in the wild. The rainforest where Boas live is being logged, without care of what animals are made homeless or killed.

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Attracts audiences of all types

A highly acclaimed professional belly dancer

Over 10 years of experience

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Here’s what Shahara – Snake Charmer’s clients said:

Shahara was fantastic and went down extremely well! I was a bit worried that people might be a bit freaked out but no – she was the star of the party! I also just wanted to thank you for your excellent communication and for putting up with the endless questions and emails. Should I have the opportunity I will definitely recommend you or use your performers again.
Reading Room Ltd

Shahara was great, she really went down a treat.
Private Client (via Contraband)

The Lady Grey Hostesses and Shahara were spot on. Thanks so much!
Atom Events Ltd (via Contraband)

All the acts went down a storm – especially Shahara. And I got to dance with her snake too so I was very happy!…
Caplin Systems Ltd (via Contraband)

Event was fantastic, Shahara went down a storm. All the guests were surprised and amazed. Shahara was professional, friendly and very talented…..Thanks for your help in making it all work out.
Private Client (via Contraband)


Snake Charmer – Shahara’s Previous Clients:

Ritz Hotel
Park Lane Hotel

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