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Celebrity Magicians and Mind Readers Booking Agency

We have the best Celebrity Magicians & Mind Readers to hire, including Dynamo and BGT finalist Jamie Raven. You can hire these Celebrity Magicians for corporate events, awards shows & private parties – find out more about hiring a Celebrity Magician…

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Booking agent for Celebrity Magicians and Mind Readers

As a top Celebrity Magicians and Mind Readers booking agent we have some of the best Celebrity Magicians and Mind Readers in the business on hand to hire for your special event or as corporate entertainment, whether its Troy, Katherine Mills or Christian Lee. These remarkable Celebrity magicians and mind readers can be hired to conjure up an amazing performance for your special event. Engaging the audience and creating memorable moments, we have on hand the world’s famous Celebrity Magicians and Mind Readers who have caused a stir in the media with their unexplained magic acts!

Events to Book a Celebrity Magician or Mind Reader For
From corporate to private events, hiring a Celebrity Magician or Mind Reader is sure to make a lasting impression on your guests. The versatility and wide appeal of a Celebrity Magician or Mind Reader means that they would be a welcome addition to a broad range of events. We have thought of a few occasions where booking a Celebrity Magician or Mind Reader would be the perfect choice:

– Promotional Event / Campaign
– Exhibition
– Wedding
– Corporate Event
– Festival
– Private Party
– Award Show
– Team Building (As an Ice Breaker)

That’s not all! There are many possible events where hiring a celebrity magician or mind reader is a great decision, they can intrigue and delight your guests with their unique talents and trickery.

Exciting Celebrity Magicians and Mind Readers on our Roster
If you want a magical event choose from our great range of celebrity magicians and mind readers available to hire. For example there is Dynamo – the famous street magician has travelled around the world, with over 2.35 million fans from India to Brazil – he was the first magician in history to headline the 02 arena in London and been the face of many high profile brands such as Fiat and Pepsi. Dynamo is an exceptional magician who can be relied upon to amaze and bewilder your guests. Alternatively there is the brilliant Derren Brown, this popular mentalist has won 5 awards for his shows, including two Laurence Olivier Awards for Best Entertainment show and a BAFTA for his work on ‘The Experiments’.

Celebrity Magicians and Mind Readers have only increased in popularity over the years. With shows such as ‘Dynamo: Mission Impossible’, ‘Troy’ and ‘Tricked’ putting magic in the spotlight and shocking the masses. There is always a desire to see new magic as the viewers love to be surprised by creative and unique tricks.

The Difference Between a Magician and a Mind Reader
So what exactly is the difference between a magician and a mind reader? We have done some research to give you an insight into which style is best for your event. What it comes down to is that magicians create tricks that make people wonder how they are done, whereas a mind reader or mentalist will provide a more interactive experience with the audience that in the end will have them in wonder at what has been done.

Booking a Celebrity Magician or Mind Reader
As a Celebrity Magician and Mind Reader booking agency, you can trust our account managers to give you original and unique ideas for your special occasion. So even though you may not see your desired Celebrity Magician or Mind Reader we have a great little black book of representatives of Celebrity Magicians and Mind Readers so just get in touch if you have someone specific in mind and we can help you hire them for your event.

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