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Hire / Book Saxophonists & Flautists

You can hire saxophonists for some fantastic music at your event. Our accomplished saxophonists will serve as the perfect soundtrack to a variety of occasions. Get in touch to learn more about hiring saxophonists…

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Paul Hardcastle Jr is one of London’s premiere saxophonists and has built a reputation as an international saxophonist

Hire / Book Saxophonists

You can hire saxophonists to ensure you have a sensational event full of energy and musical delights. With a cascade of incredible saxophonists to choose from you are sure to find the perfect one for your event from our roster. Whether you’re a fan of the pioneering work of the famed saxophonist John Coltrane or are looking to capture the vibrant sounds of jazz for a themed event, if you hire a saxophonist they are sure to make a brilliant impression on your guests. We have saxophonists for all types of genres from classic jazz to rock and roll. The strong and sonorous sounds of a saxophone make for remarkable and attention-grabbing music that works great as introductory music or accompanying a band for a dance number. There are many ways a saxophonist can suit your event.

About Saxophonists
A saxophone is classified as a woodwind instrument and was first created by Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax in 1846, inspired by elements of the clarinet and horn. It first gained notoriety when France and Belgium started using a quartet of saxophones in their military bands, as this was its intended usage its powerful sound fit in well with the style. The saxophone is most commonly associated with jazz although saxophonists create music in a range of genres including blue, ska, funk and reggae.

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