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Hire / Book Saxophonists & Flautists

You can hire saxophonists for some fantastic music at your event. Our accomplished saxophonists will serve as the perfect soundtrack to a variety of occasions. Get in touch to learn more about hiring saxophonists…

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Paul Hardcastle Jr is one of London’s premiere saxophonists and has built a reputation as an international saxophonist

Hire / Book Saxophonists

You can hire saxophonists to ensure you have a sensational event full of energy and musical delights. With a cascade of incredible saxophonists to choose from you are sure to find the perfect one for your event from our roster. Whether you’re a fan of the pioneering work of the famed saxophonist John Coltrane or are looking to capture the vibrant sounds of jazz for a themed event, if you hire a saxophonist they are sure to make a brilliant impression on your guests. We have saxophonists for all types of genres from classic jazz to rock and roll. The strong and sonorous sounds of a saxophone make for remarkable and attention-grabbing music that works great as introductory music or accompanying a band for a dance number. There are many ways a saxophonist can suit your event.

About Saxophonists
A saxophone is classified as a woodwind instrument and was first created by Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax in 1846, inspired by elements of the clarinet and horn. It first gained notoriety when France and Belgium started using a quartet of saxophones in their military bands, as this was its intended usage its powerful sound fit in well with the style. The saxophone is most commonly associated with jazz although saxophonists create music in a range of genres including blue, ska, funk and reggae.

Did You Know? – The saxophone was especially designed to act as a bridge between brass and woodwind instruments so works well as a middle sound in an ensemble like an orchestra.

What is the Difference Between a Saxophone and a Trumpet?
Often these two instruments can get mixed up, both in sound and appearance. One of the most significant factors that helps to differentiate between the two is that a trumpet is a brass instrument whereas a saxophone is a woodwind, due to the use of the reed to play it. Additionally, while a trumpet has only three valves, a saxophone has over 20 keys to reach a broad range of registers.

Hire Saxophonists on our Books
If you are looking for some dynamic music to jazz up your event then hire saxophonists, these incredible musicians can drum up some excitement and get any event in full swing. Many of our expert saxophonists have performed alongside a range of celebrities and love to perform in front of a crowd, their confidence and natural talent will be sure to go down a storm at all kinds of events. You can hire saxophonists to add that extra glam and classy edge to the occasion, with their iconic jazz sound they will be a popular addition and put on an engrossing show. Here are just a few of the sensational saxophonists to hire on our roster:

  • Hire Saxophonist The Flaming Saxophone – This explosive performance will wow the crowds, combining his musical prowess with bursts of flame, everyone is sure to be mesmerised by this unique act.
  • Hire Saxophonist Grabo – This brilliant saxophonist is a popular addition to dance parties, combining an exciting DJ set with his musical skills makes for a party to remember.
  • Hire Saxophonists Female Sax Quartet – These four amazing saxophonists are bound to be a hit at your event, whether you’re looking for background music or a show-stopping composition this quartet will provide some unforgettable entertainment.

Hire Flutists on our Books
We also have an excellent selection of flutists to hire for some serene music or bewitching quick numbers to create a great atmosphere. If you are looking to hire flutists for your private or corporate event we have an excellent roster to choose from. From the mesmerising Diana and her magnetic and warm performances to Fluteboxer Nathan whose dynamic blend of beatboxing and flute makes for a truly unique experience.

Hire Saxophonists
It is so straightforward to hire saxophonists with us, with our diverse range of saxophonists you are sure to find the perfect musician to make your event special. As a top entertainment agency we can help you book a gifted saxophonist that suits the theme and style of your event. Our friendly and dedicated account managers are at hand to assist you with any ideas or advice you may need for an event to be proud of. If you would like to hire saxophonists just get in touch, we would be delighted to help you hire saxophonists for a remarkable event.

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