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Hire Punch & Judy Shows & Puppet Shows

We have a fantastic range of puppet shows and Punch & Judy Shows to hire that will put on an engaging and funny performance that is sure to be an absolute hit. Whether you’re looking to hire a puppet show for a private or corporate event they can deliver a charismatic performance.

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John’s Punch & Judy Show

Hire / Book Punch & Judy Shows & Puppet Shows

For some wonderfully amusing entertainment you can hire a puppet show! With our fantastic range of Punch & Judy shows to hire and some brilliantly original puppet shows, you are sure to find the perfect puppet entertainment that will be a hit with all your guests of all ages. Hiring a puppet show for your event will keep the kids engaged and in fits of giggles at the character’s silly antics, this traditional show makes for timeless entertainment that will be a welcome addition to all kinds of events.

Hire Punch and Judy Shows on Our Roster
We have many talented performers who all have their own variation on the tale of Punch and Judy, putting their spin on the classic Punch and Judy show and presenting it with top quality, colourful puppets that really bring the tale to life. Here are a few examples of the Punch and Judy shows you can hire with us:

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