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Hire / Book Punch & Judy Shows & Puppet Shows

Our Punch and Judy shows are very popular, especially if you are looking for a traditional form of children’s entertainment to hire.

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John’s Punch & Judy Show

Hire / Book Punch & Judy Shows & Puppet Shows

Have you ever thought of hiring a puppet show for your children’s party? We have some great puppet shows to hire, including Punch & Judy Shows, Shadow puppet shows, Dragon puppet shows… which are unique entertainment for kids. Our puppet shows roster covers a diversity of genres including:

Punch and Judy Puppet Shows for hire
Contraband’s Punch and Judy performers are experienced, professional and very talented. Punch and Judy shows are guaranteed to captivate your guests and will certainly get them involved! You will be bowled over by their hand-carved puppets and classic characters.

Robert Styles is a second-generation Punch & Judy performer with 30 years experience and his lively and colourful rendition of England’s oldest puppet play contains all the traditional ingredients, is fully self-contained and can be performed either indoors or out.

Contemporary Puppet Shows for hire
The Shadow Puppet Show combines shadows of classic animals such as birds and elephants with famous celebrities, well known characters and magic tricks all set to music, to create a one of a kind performance suitable for all nationalities and age groups.

As one of the best children’s entertainment agencies, we have a great selection of puppet shows that you can book. These puppet shows are perfect for children’s parties – just give us a call and we will be delighted to discuss a Puppet Show booking with you!

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