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Shadow Puppet Show

The Shadow Puppet Show have taken the vaudeville art of shadow puppets and made it into something contemporary and new. The Shadow Puppet Show is a great act if you are looking for unique children’s entertainment. The Shadow Puppet Show combines shadows of classic animals such as birds and elephants with famous celebrities, well known characters and magic tricks all set to music, to create a one of a kind performance suitable for all nationalities and age groups.

Standard Length of Performance:
The Shadow Puppet Show lasts for 9 minutes.

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A great act if you are looking for unique children’s entertainment

Combine shadows of classic animals, celebrities & well known characters

Create a one of a kind performance that is suitable for all ages

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Here’s what Shadow Puppet Show’s clients said:

That was phenomenal and if i hadn’t actually seen it I wouldn’t have believed it.
Sophie Anderton

Their own distinctive brand of entertainment is certainly originally presented, they deserved and got plenty of applause for their creativity.
The Stage

That blew me away!
Grace – Big Brother 2

I think that is one of the best acts I’ve seen.
Debbie Jones, TV Host


Shadow Puppet Show’s Previous Clients:

Rolls Royce
Holland America Line
Royal Caribbean
Fred Olsen
Colour line
Victor & Rolf

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