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Hire / Book Street Dancers & Break Dancers

Hire street dancers or hire break dancers to put on an amazing show with out of this world choreography. These street dancers and break dancers can pull off moves such as windmills, headspins and jackhammers with expert skill and flair. For more information about booking street dancers or booking break dancers just get in touch…

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Fab Break Dancer B-Boy Jr

Hire / Book Street Dancers & Break Dancers

If you want a lively event with an edge and exciting atmosphere, then hire street dancers or hire break dancers to get the crowds going wild! The astonishing street dancers have perfected their moves and each have their own signature style that will make them the highlight of any occasion. You can also hire break dancers who are sure to wow their audience with their dynamic choreography and clear passion for what they do. To hire street dancers or break dancers will be a brilliant decision to ensure your event is sensational and memorable, including your guests in a welcoming and interactive experience that they are sure to love.

What is a Street Dancer?
A contemporary and modern style of dance, street dancing first started in social settings outside a typical dance studio around the 1970’s, it has evolved over time to be an umbrella term for various forms of dancing such as break dancing or popping. Street dancers will often improvise their routines and the style of dancing can be very expressive and inclusive, encouraging audience participation and generally being performed in a public area such as a nightclub, street or park.

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