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Rope Skipping Show – Belgium

When the Jump Rope Crew claims to be the best at what they do, they have a world champions’ trophy to prove it. This is international entertainment at its best. They are to rope skipping what Brazil are to football – undisputed masters of their craft. Dance and acrobatics, balance and style all come together as this unique urban act perform choreographed routines on, in, round, between and through a pair of swirling jump ropes. These entertainers are at the top of their games and are great for international events all over the world.

Dance and acrobatics, balance and style all come together as this unique urban act perform choreographed routines on, in, round, between and through a pair of swirling jump ropes. The Jump Rope Crew combines the street energy of breakdance with foot-tapping rhythms to bring astonishment – and a smile – to any audience. The Jump Rope Crew is entertainment for everybody, for young and old. The reference list is long with music videos, commercials, conferences, parties, discotheques, festivals and corporate events all making an appearance… The crew is becoming a legend in the world of urban entertainment.

The demonstration teams of the Jump Rope Crew are trying to lift jump rope to a different and higher lever. Their philosophy is “different than others” and is based on show and entertainment. The crew members are carefully chosen and intensively trained.

The Jump Rope Crew, Rope Skipping Show is available to perform in Belgium

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Dance and acrobatics

Entertainers at the top of their game

Bring a smile to any audience

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Here’s what The Jump Rope Crew – Rope Skipping Show’s clients said:

“Jumping rope today is not just jumping – in 2 ropes double dutch players are doing backflips, flipping on to their hands and swooshing the rope under their butts as they adopt kind of a break dancing pose close to the floor – it has to be seen to be believed.”

Private Client

“Watching The Jump Rope Crew in action is like watching a fast-paced combination of hip hop dancing, acrobatics, gymnastics and breakdancing moves. It looks amazing, exciting, dazzling − arms flashing and legs making unforgettable moves in the air − all to appropriately pounding music and with that constantly whizzing rope to negotiate.”

Private Client

“The rope crew and act were simply fantastic.”

Kunsill Malti Ghall-iSport (via Contraband)


The Jump Rope Crew – Rope Skipping Show ‘s Shows:

Standard Show (BETA Show)

This is good for corporate events, sportgala’s and conferences. Set time is 5 – 7 minutes.

UV Light Show

The team jumps in the dark and they use masks, also the ropes give a special light effect. Set time is 3 minutes.

Boogie show

The team are dressed like grandfathers and they use their canes as jump ropes. The set time is 3 minutes.

The Girls Show

This girl team use single ropes and do tricks in double dutch. Set time is 5 minutes.

Party show

The team is on the dance floor and they improvise to the beats of the music while the audience is jumping with them in the ropes. Set time is 15 – 25 minutes depending on the interaction with the audience.

Street Show (20 min)

This show includes two choreographed jumps and in between they interact with the spectators. The Jump Rope Crew let them jump in the ropes while they keep on doing tricks with the ropes. The set time is 20 minutes.

Total show

A show when our team is the headlining act on the main stage. In this show The Jump Rope Crew combine all
their best choreographies. The set time is 20 minutes.

Workshops for schools and festivals

The crew teach children and adults the basics of jump like double dutch, criss crosses, double unders and dancing in the ropes. The classes are 60 minutes.

Jump rope aerobics class

This is an active class, where the crew use the ropes to keep people fit and get them exercising. The class is 60 minutes.

Customised Shows

These shows are all choreographed perfectly to music, sometimes clients ask to include their products in the show or for TV to make it 2 min, this is all possible. The set times depend on the clients requirements.


The Jump Rope Crew – Rope Skipping Show’s Technical Requirements:

A 6m x 6m floor space is required and the floor must be clean, dry and strong enough to jump on. Sometimes we also jump on a smaller stage. It is important we have this information in advance so that we can adapt the routine if there is less space.


The Jump Rope Crew – Rope Skipping Show’s Previous Clients:

Formula 1 Grand Prix
Jump Nation
Hi Seoul Festival
Street Festival
National Hip Hop Championships
The Slammer
Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde
Attention à la marche
Al Hara show
Mall of the Emirates
Yves Larock music video Rise Up
Ministry of Sound
Club Orange
Blue Peter
Paul O’Grady Show

Videos of Jump Rope Dancers – The Jump Rope Crew

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