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Marriage Proposal Ideas & Entertainment

Looking for romantic marriage proposal ideas or unusual proposal ideas? We can help you plan the best proposal as we have a great choice of entertainment & performers for hire including sing waiters, pavement artists… who can really make your proposal a standout occasion

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Hire / Book Marriage Proposal Entertainment – with fun Marriage Proposal Ideas

Everyone wants the perfect marriage proposal; a beautifully unique and dreamlike moment in their lives that will be unforgettable. We have the best wedding entertainment performers for hire who can make it a reality; from singing waiters to pavement artists, there is a wide range of performers available to make your proposal truly special.

If you have no clue where to start with planning your proposal, don’t worry! We have plenty of marriage proposal ideas to get you on your way to creating a personal and heartfelt declaration of your love, whether it’s public or private, simple or complex, we have some great ideas and entertainment that can give tailor made performances especially for you and your partner.

Our Treasurable Top Five Proposals
A proposal is a very intimate moment no matter where you are; here is a collection of our favourite marriage proposal ideas, from the glamorously grandiose to the simply sentimental, we know that everyone is different…

    1. The Classic – A timeless proposal is one given at a place of significance for you and your partner, perhaps a restaurant or the place you met. You could even hire a violinist or choir to provide some romantic music; the moment of fond reminiscence can be the perfect time to get down on one knee.
    2. Center Stage – If you like to shout your love from the rooftops this is one for you. You could go to see your favourite singer or play and request to get up on the stage to make your proposal. Certainly not one for the faint hearted, it is a bold but romantic way to show your affection.
    3. A Walk to Remember – For those who prefer a more understated but still heart-warming proposal can take their loved one on a walk, maybe along a beach to where a sand sculptor has written a message in the sand. Alternatively you could take them for a casual walk around your neighborhood, where you can hire a pavement artist to create a beautiful piece of art with the ring in the middle to ‘stumble’ upon. The details are down to you.
    4. A Family Affair – You might choose to pop the question when you are surrounded by friends and family. You can make your proposal then have your loved ones pop up to celebrate with a surprise party!
    5. Dancing in The Street – Another brave proclamation of love is to propose with a flash mob; a brilliant way to get their attention, they will not expect it when you drop to one knee beside them or emerge from the crowd with the ring in hand. It is a fun and exciting way to set up a proposal.

Look at these as inspiration; we know you want your proposal to come from the heart so use these as a jumping off point to plan something truly unique.

Themed Proposal Ideas
Do you and your partner have a favourite holiday, or perhaps a shared passion?  Nowadays, people are going completely outside the box with their marriage proposals, from complex scavenger hunts to staging their own death! Maybe you love the festive season? We have some great Christmas walkabout entertainment like Cirque Pyromantic; they can be hired to put on an enchanting show to set the scene for a wonderful wintery proposal.

Do you have a passion for all things cinema? You can make your other half feel like a star with our charismatic paparazzi photographers. Or maybe you both like to embrace the Halloween spirit? Put on a hauntingly romantic proposal and hire Delia’s Spider, our fantastic aerial performer, to drop from her web and present you with a ring for the special occasion. There is a wide range of fabulous acts to book for all manner of delightfully unusual marriage proposals.

Top Three Unusual Proposals
There are some brilliantly weird and wonderful marriage proposals that have made the news over the last few years, including a Super Mario recreation and a ring hidden inside a golden snitch for a Harry Potter fan. We have compiled a few ideas for those looking to put a more eccentric twist on popping the question.

      1. Cold Hearted – You can hire an ice sculptor to carve a message or create a piece of art for your loved one and even incorporate the ring inside it!
      2. Magical Memory – To keep them guessing you can book a magician to assist in the proposal, perhaps finding a way to include it in their performance, who wouldn’t love a miraculously appearing ring?
      3. Pencil You in – A picture can speak a thousand words; you could hire a caricaturist to come and sketch the both of you and then surprise your partner with a picture of you down on one knee or holding a ring.

We have a great range of acts to pick from that would be ideal for marriage proposal entertainment.

More Wedding Entertainment Ideas
Moreover, we have fabulous wedding ideas and entertainers for hire, covering: unique marriage proposals, engagement parties, hen parties, stag do parties.

There is plenty of exceptional wedding reception entertainment to give you a wedding day that will be cherished, such as outstanding wedding food & drink stalls, professional wedding DJs, dynamic music bands, gifted classical wedding musicians, captivating wedding dancers and colourful mix & mingle entertainment. If you like to see a complete list of our performers for hire, check out our wide-ranging and varied entertainment for hire

Contraband is one of the UK’s best entertainment agencies with some brilliant account managers who can give you enthusiastic and experienced service; they are full of original ideas and well versed in making sure you get the best deals available. Contact us now if you would like to discuss booking some Marriage Proposal entertainment ideas & entertainers to hire, to make your marriage proposal an unmitigated success.

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