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3D Pavement Artists

Masters of perspective, creativity and performance, marvel at the unique 3D pavement art of award-winning artists U.C.. U.C. are internationally acclaimed and award winning pavement artists. They have been producing Live 3D Pavement Art for almost 20 years, across the UK and abroad. They have worked at some of the world’s largest festivals and corporate events and have been credited with “bringing street-painting back to life in the UK”.

Using nothing more than chalks and artists pigment: Watch the 3D pavement artists create a unique piece of mind-boggling illusionary art; you simply will not believe what your eyes are telling you, as the work magically rises from the pavement; you can watch this gravity defying masterpiece evolve over the three/four/five days.

On the final day, you get the chance to photograph yourself from a dizzy height, as the 3D pavement artists invite you onto the art for a unique photo opportunity, but be careful where you walk, and don’t look down eh!  Award winning and internationally acclaimed 3D pavement artists who, since 1997, have worked at festivals & events all over the UK, Europe and across the world.

Some events include; The Singapore Arts Festival, The Bahrain Grand Prix, The Dubai Shopping Festival and The Abu Dhabi Youth Arts Festival.The unique ability of 3D pavement art to attract attention and ignite the public’s interest in your event or brand makes it GREAT VALUE.

It’s been used by some of the world’s top companies and advertising agencies including: Disney, NASA, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Apple Computers etc.

A 3 day LIVE bespoke creation works out as follows:
DAY ONE: Measuring & drawing out
DAY TWO: Establishing Colour and Corrections
DAY THREE: Finishing off and working up the design

Additional days may be required for particularly complicated or involved designs
Approximately between 7 and 8 hours’ work per day.

Technical Specification for the 3D pavement artists:
We will need detailed digital images of the proposed site/s including close-ups of the surface. All works will be done directly onto the surface.
Precise measurements of area available
Access to clean water
Covering/shade were needed to protect from sun or rain
Barriers to control footfall
Overnight protection and/or security

Materials used can vary depending on the needs of the promoter. We use our own mixture of pure, water soluble, artist pigments, to give vibrant colours. For additional protection, we can mix in acrylic binder to allow the work to stay around a bit longer (i.e.-not instantly be washed away with the rain!). All our materials are eco-friendly and do not damage the fabric of the site in any way.

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Internationally acclaimed

Award winning pavement artists

Almost 20 years of experience

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Here’s what 3D Pavement Artists – U.C.’s clients said:

We had a fantastic day on Saturday and I simply can’t recommend U.C, highly enough, their friendliness and professionalism is second to none, we had extremely changeable weather conditions as you will see from the attached YouTube clip but they persevered with such a positive attitude, they are an pleasure to work with and I will hope to do so again in the near future.
Daisy Entertainment

It takes exceptional talent to create real art with complete strangers.
British Telecom Summer Garden

This is too big for my eyes!
Sunderland Waterfront Festival

What the both of you shared with the people during The Singapore Arts Festival 2003 was nothing less than superb. Definitely a chance of a lifetime that doesn’t come around often and very much an eye opener to what art is all about. I guess we were all grateful for the opportunities to get down on our knees, decorating the streets, bringing it to “life” it has been lots of fun being your liaison officer, hope you enjoyed your stay in Singapore and we’ll be more than happy to have your artists back. Keep up the great work!
National Arts Council of Singapore.

We were really lucky to get this prestigious and talented company. Thank you for producing the stunning huge artworks for our People’s Park.
Ballymena Borough Council

By taking street art seriously you have given it credibility.
Walker Art Gallery

Fantastic work
Manchester International Arts

I just wanted to write and say how grateful I am to both of you for providing such superb quality events. Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed taking part, there are lots of comments and images that will stay in my mind for a long time to come. Thank you so much for bringing such a valuable experience to Bridgnorth. I would have no hesitation in booking you for future events and will most definitely be in touch! THANK YOU, YOU LOVELY PEOPLE!
Bridgnorth Council

U.C. were brilliant, very easy to work with and extremely professional, it was a very successful event with lots of happy children and families enjoying themselves, I will hope to use U.C. again very soon.
Daisy Entertainment and Event Management

It was a pleasure for us to work with Catherine and Philip, they did a great job. I didn’t have any chance to thank to them so I’d appreciate if you can share it with them too. I hope we will have chance to work with you and with them again.
Image PR

It was a pleasure working with you; thanks again for today, you did such a great job!
Derwent Pencil Company



3D Pavement Artists – U.C.’s Previous Clients:

ACT 3 International
City of London Festival
Regent Street Association
The British High Commission
British Telecom
St Patrick’s Festival
Dubai Shopping Festival
Cumberland Pencil Company
Compagnie HO
Bahrain Grand Prix
Mr Wimpy
Liverpool Vision
Canary Wharf Events

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