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Hire / Book Karaoke Bands

If you’re looking for a memorable event full of hilarity and some classic tunes then hire karaoke bands! These brilliant bands get everyone singing along and involved for an extra special night. Get in touch to find out more about hiring karaoke bands…

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Rock band karaoke is a totally interactive form of entertainment and Rockaoke have established a reputation as the best act currently doing this in the UK.

Hire / Book Karaoke Bands

For infectious fun and an event to remember with all your friends and family hire karaoke bands to give you that one of a kind experience. A karaoke band is the perfect option when putting on a party where you want everyone to get involved, with often hilarious results and dance inducing moments they always prove to be a hit with all the guests whatever the age or musical preference. Whether it’s for a corporate event looking to put on some engaging and fun entertainment or a private party wanting to make the night extra special, if you hire karaoke bands the occasion is sure to be one for the books.

What are Karaoke Bands?
Karaoke bands combine the thrill of live music with the fun of karaoke, playing everyone’s favourite classics and giving people the chance to get on the stage alongside the band and try their hand at being lead singer. With the lyrics also being projected onto a screen for you, anyone can show off their vocal skills with a range of different genres and extensive repertoire to pick from. A karaoke band is always a popular form of entertainment.

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