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We have the most comprehensive little black book of After Dinner Speakers for hire in the business. See below some of the after dinner speakers you could book for your event

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Hire After Dinner Speakers

If you want your event to be a memorable experience then we have the answer; hire an after dinner speaker! Hiring an after dinner speaker for your event is the perfect way to ensure you leave an impression on your guests, whether it’s because of a comedian recounting some hilarious stories or a powerful speech from a motivational speaker, hiring an after dinner speaker will ensure that your event will be a real success.

But where do you start? There are a number of factors to consider before choosing a speaker, you need to make sure you pick the right one for your event, otherwise their speech could fall flat and it could leave your guests in confusion rather than feeling inspired. To give you some guidance we have thought of a few tips and after dinner speaker ideas…

Top Tips for Hiring an After Dinner Speaker
When deciding which after dinner speaker to hire there are few aspects to look out for. Below we have summarized what we believe are some important points to think about before you book an after dinner speaker…

  • Relevance – This might seem obvious but sometimes it helps to have a clear picture of the speaker you want for you event. Think about your demographic and make sure you pick a speaker that will appeal to them. For example a politician at a beauty event may not be the best success story.
  • Experience – Look out for testimonials and previous clients, you’ll feel a lot better knowing they are experienced rather than going in blind and not knowing what to expect.
  • Type – What kind of after dinner speaker are you looking for? Motivational, sports, comedy? There are lots of different speakers with their individual styles and specialties so you want to be careful to pick the right one to reflect your event and the vibe you are trying to convey.

This is just a start, but as long as you have a clear idea of what you want out of an after dinner speaker you are sure to find one that is perfect for your event. But if you are still at a loss, this is where we come in; we have some great after dinner speaker ideas and advice to help you with your choice! Just get in touch and we will find the best after dinner speakers to hire to ensure your event is fantastic.

Our Top 5 Styles of Speakers
There are after dinner speakers for all kinds of topics, from adventurers to politicians, there is a wide range of speakers to suit every event that you can dream of. Here are a few of the most popular ones…

  1. Motivational Speakers – A very popular style of speaker, they often specialise in a certain industry but their main skill is to inspire your guests. With these speakers everyone will leave feeling uplifted and enthused.
  2. Comedy Speakers – Everyone loves a good laugh; booking a funny and charismatic speaker to entertain your guests will have them in good spirits. Some speakers will even tailor their speech to your event which allows for a more personalised experience.
  3. Sports Speakers – Athletes can tell some incredible stories of perseverance and hard work that has contributed to their successful careers in a competitive industry. Similar to motivational speakers your guest will feel inspired after their stimulating speech.
  4. Business Leaders – There is a great range of after dinner speakers who are CEOs and entrepreneurs; leading figures in their industries who can offer some brilliant advice on how to succeed.
  5. Current Affairs Speakers – Journalists and other experts in the field can recount some amazing stories about topical issues and give a new and informed perspective on the news of today.

There are after dinner speakers to hire for many more topics such as music, media and even some fabulous celebrity chefs to talk about their passion for food. We are full of after dinner speaker ideas to advise you on and assist in narrowing down your search.

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We have many more new corporate entertainment ideas and acts for you to consider to really make your event a rewarding experience for everybody. Our wonderful acts will be a great addition to any corporate event; from remarkable after dinner speakers and charismatic walkabout characters to fun team building activities and intuitive fortune tellers. Check out our corporate entertainment ideas and entertainment for hire

Hire After Dinner Speakers
Hiring an after dinner speaker is very simple. Contraband is the UK’s top Speakers booking agent, with warm, knowledgeable account managers who guarantee you the greatest deals possible. We are booking agents for a huge selection of after dinner speakers to hire, and we have some original after dinner speaker ideas and recommendations to offer you. Just get in touch and we will help you hire the best After Dinner Speakers!

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