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Activist and TV Presenter

As a booking agent for Mehreen Baig we can organise for Mehreen Baig to speak at your event. Mehreen Baig is an English activist and television presenter of Pakistani heritage. Mehreen Baig is most recognised for her appearance on BAFTA Award winning BBC Two documentary Muslims Like Us. Her work on the documentary led to Mehreen Baig being invited to speak at the Women’s Economic Forum in New Delhi.

Early Promise
Born in Hackney in London, Mehreen Baig went on to attend Queen Elizabeth’s School for Girls in Barnet. Her drive and hard work led to her achieving top grades whilst at school before later going on to graduate from University with a degree in English and Drama. Her academic knowledge led to her training to become a teacher which she soon graduated and took on first role was as an English teacher in Tottenham. Her passion for charitable work and giving back also first shone through when she organised and led English and Drama workshops at the Edhi Orphanage in Pakistani after the flood.

Mehreen Baig’s Presenting Career
Initially starting to voice her opinions on her blog, Mehreen Baig started to gain traction in the media and first entered the mainstream when The Independent included her views in an article. As she continued to write on her blog, she amassed a dedicated base of over 10,000 readers that is still growing. Her writing also led to her appearing on documentary ‘Muslims Like Us’ which went on to win a BAFTA, during which Mehreen Baig gave an inspiring acceptance speech. Her appearance on the show was a breakout moment for the aspiring presenter. After a series of interviews and number of speeches at conferences such as the Women’s Economic Forum in New Delhi, Mehreen Baig was soon established as a prominent figure in her field. She has gone on to present a variety of shows including segments of The One Show and Sunday Morning Live, as well as heading up the documentaries ‘Lost Boys? What’s Going Wrong for Asian Men’ and ‘Islam, Women and Me’. Mehreen Baig embarked on an incredible experience when she joined several other celebrities on BBC Two’s ‘Pilgrimage: The Road to Rome’.

Mehreen Baig’s Other Projects and Achievements
As well as her blogging, Mehreen Baig has written for several prestigious publications including The Independent and The National. Her debut documentary, ‘Islam, Women and Me’, was a great success with double as the viewers of any other channel at the time of its airing. Her second documentary ‘Lost Boys? What’s Going Wrong for Asian Men’ was also very well received and nominated for best TV show at the Asian Media Awards. Mehreen Baig was also nominated in the National Diversity Awards for ‘Positive Role Model in Race, Faith and Religion’.

Booking Mehreen Baig
You can book Mehreen Baig to captivate the guests at your event with an engaging talk. As a booking agent for Mehreen Baig we would be happy to organise for this passionate presenter to attend your event. We are a top booking agent with friendly and knowledgeable account managers who are at hand to help with any talent enquiries. Just get in touch if you would like to book Mehreen Baig and make it an unforgettable occasion.

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